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    Happy Birthday, Cathe!

    Happy Birthday Cathe! Hope you had a great day with family and friends.
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    Buy ticket button?

    Is this going to only show up when event is posted for sale? I am not seeing it on the post. May be looking right over it I guess. Want to be ready when the day gets here and know what I am doing. Thanks Christie
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    Where to find calorie burn for workouts

    Thanks again for answers to helping me find what I was looking for on the site.
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    Where to find calorie burn for workouts

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    Help me find calorie burn!

    Thank you
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    Where to find calorie burn for workouts

    Where can I find calorie burn for Cathe workout DVD's? I know they use to be here but not sure where they are. Maybe no longer on site. With new workouts and new motivation I am curious. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Christie
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    Help me find calorie burn!

    Where can I find how many calories I burn from Cathe workouts. I know it use to be on the site. Was always pleased that my personal burn was right on target for what they said. Now with new workouts I am wanting to compare using my Fitbit. Thanks for any help. Christie
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    Daytona photo question?

    Saw a photo of Cathe and some young ladies that might be her mother and sister. Maybe an aunt or close friend in photo also. Nice picture of them. Anyone know if no answer from Cathe. Thanks, Christie
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    Calories burned

    Think I may have figured it out. Lots of trial and error with learning all it offers. So great that Cathe has so much to offer all of us workout crazies.
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    Calories burned

    Where do I find how many calories I should burn and HR doing specific Cathe workouts? Looked in workout manager and not seeing. I know a lot has changed on the site. It has been a few years since I have looked at this stuff. Plan on getting a fitbit so want to know and get some use out of all...
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    iPhone app for Cathe

    Great I think my phone is too old for some of these apps. My phone is a 3 or 4. I have run into this problem some other apps I have wanted. Santa I need an iPhone 6. Christie
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    iPhone app for Cathe

    Thanks I will try that.
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    iPhone app for Cathe

    I had the forum app on my phone and deleted it. Message said I needed to update to latest version. I can't figure out how to get it again. Everything I type in on the App Store never brings up Cathe anything. HELP! Thanks Christie
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    Weight gain and IUD

    I am starting to wonder if my IUD is keeping me from losing weight. No matter how good I am I can't even lose a pound. I do eat and work out on a regular basis. A friends daughter had one and had it removed because of weight gain. Lost weight right away. I have done some looking online and many...
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    When does filming start?

    I was wondering the same thing.
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    Advice on cold weather running gear needed

    Thanks for the feedback. I am going to try the double up on the shirts. Also going to hit the discount stores. Christie
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    Invisible 50s

    Not in my fifties yet, only 48. I got what I thought was a great compliment the other day when someone thought my 25 year old son was my brother. I will say I do try hard to stay looking young. I don't dress like a teenager but I do try and stay stylish. I exercise with Cathe and take good care...
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    Did I miss the picture?

    Cathe I know you have been busy for some time getting X-Train completed. I always look forward to your Christmas picture of your two handsome boys. You may have posted and I missed it. Then maybe there wasn't one. I would love to see how they have grown. I have two boys myself. I miss the...
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    Advice on cold weather running gear needed

    Can anyone tell me if they can tell the difference in cold weather outdoor clothing for running. I only have C9 from Target. I do usually wear an Under Armour shirt under the C9 jacket. I feel like I start sweating so early in my run and my skin can't breathe. I do know I am not wearing anything...
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    Download help

    Okay I purchased a 3.97 ab circuits download. Can anyone simplify how to download. Can I not just do it all from my iPad? I am on the road with my job and don't have a desktop or laptop at the moment. Thanks, Christie