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  1. rachel132

    Cycling Training

    Thank you so much! This is so helpful.
  2. rachel132

    Cycling Training

    I’m looking for advice from Cathe or anyone with training experience. My question is for advice on how to help my daughter improve her endurance. She is 5’2” and 210 pounds. We recently purchased bicycles and plan to train for a 75 miles charity bike ride (the Ride to Defeat ALS) in New...
  3. rachel132

    Who's In??

    Not sure I received a "payment received" check your email notice. But I have no email. Sonja UPDATE: I got my confirmation email. Number 22!!! See you ladies this summer!
  4. rachel132

    Who's in

    Is Chicago Booked? I tried to sign up but there was some kind of error. Are there any tickets left? Sonja.
  5. rachel132

    Bosu Ball

    I'd like to have the Bosu ball incorporated into some workouts. I did a thread search and it looks like there are others out there who enjoy the core challenge of the Bosu ball. I wonder if there is a restriction on instructors outside the Bosu company using them. Maybe that is why we haven't...
  6. rachel132

    Bosu Ball

    Posted in wrong forum.
  7. rachel132

    Cannot Access Nutrition Manager

    I purchased the 30 day trial and received a notification that there was an error and that my payment went through but I need to contact customer service to alert them that there is a problem. Please let me know if I need to anything in addition to this notification to have access to the...
  8. rachel132

    Downloads - Opinions

    Thanks!! I'm so excited to hear this positive feed back. Thank you both for the input. I will be ordering the downloads for gym styles. I will also go through my collection (which is everything Cathe has done since 2003) and figure out which one might work best at the gym. I'm super...
  9. rachel132

    Downloads - Opinions

    Can I get some opinions on how people enjoy using the downloads at the gym? Is this basically the video on your phone? If so, I'm wondering how that works with how fast Cathe switches to a new excersize and all the variety that she puts into her videos. I am considering this option as my...
  10. rachel132

    Sign Up for our Disney Road Trip Feb 25th - 1pm eastern

    Is the Disney Trip filled? Just curious. My summer plans are being modified and I may be able to come if there are any openings.
  11. rachel132


    I started STS after about 18 mos. of not working out. My experience is that it took 6 weeks to drop on the scale even though my clothes were getting looser. I lost 18 pounds at the end of the rotation went from a size 12 to a loose 10. Since then I stopped working out regularly for about 6...
  12. rachel132

    Completed Workout

    The page simply does't update to mark that a workout posted in advance is completed. In the bottom left hand corner of the screen where it will say "Done" when a page is finished loading, it says "error on page" and the immediately after it says "Done." It must be on my end. I just have to go...
  13. rachel132

    I think I might have an eating disorder.

    My experience. Mercurial, I’d like to share a little of my experience with you. First, I am 40 years old and have suffered with Anorexia/Bulimia all my life. The worst was from age 15 to 32. When I remarried at age 30, I decided I needed to make my new life with my husband my priority rather...
  14. rachel132

    Protein after weight lifting workouts

    I am under the impression that it is important to eat protein immediately after a weight lifting workout. Something to the affect of the muscles need that protein right away to begin repair and creating new tissue. Is this true? Not sure where I got that from. I workout at 6:00 a.m. and then...
  15. rachel132

    Completed Workout

    I have my workouts scheduled for the month in the workout calendar. I would then click the "completed" box and the calendar would update to show that a workout was comleted on a particular day. I am no longer able to click completed and have the calendar update to indicate such. I get a...
  16. rachel132

    Right Arm Weakness

    It is not news to me that my left arm is stronger than my right. Probably because of carrying around a 2 year old in my left. What did suprise me yesterday is how much stronger my left is. While doing week 1 of STS Hypertrophy Biceps and Back, I was cruising along just fine lifting 30 pounds...
  17. rachel132

    Is this happening to anyone else?

    I have also noticed that towards the end of the program, I'm not able to lift what my "goal" weight is. I don't think the 1RMs are off if you can do it in the beginning of the workout and that this is just part of building your endurance/strength. I'm keeping notes of what weight I used and...
  18. rachel132

    Advice for the unflexible

    ElleJay, My hubby hasn't actually started yet, but he tells me he's going to. I was thinking tomorrow. I need to actually do the first few videos with him to watch him and give form pointers as best I can. Its funny you mentioned the home page, because when I saw that I thought how cute and...
  19. rachel132

    ? about yogurt

    Fage greek yogurt is the BEST! Its also great to dollop on some spicy Indian Curry. Indian Curry is considered clean eating -- right????? Sonja.
  20. rachel132

    Jessica Simpson's Body

    Okay, I see now. This is a UK article calling JS a size 12 (Size 8 in US). I guess the comments below the article are pretty revealing. Its a tough crowd overseas...yikes.