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  1. ricklyk1

    Foxy Fusionistas - May

    I just realized we were still using the MARCH check-in thread. Oops!! :rolleyes: I've got us back on track now. :) I had a busy busy weekend! Saturday I ran the Derby Day 10k in 62 minutes. According to my fitbit the race was slightly longer (6.3 miles) so I ran just under a 10 min/mile. I...
  2. ricklyk1

    Foxy Fusionistas - November! :)

    Hi ladies!! I can't believe it is November already. Where is the time going?? Time to start Christmas shopping!! :) I've had a fun but crazy busy weekend. On Saturday I did a 2.5 "beer run" with my sister and friends. It was, um, interesting. Every 1/2 mile you got to stop and sample...
  3. ricklyk1

    Knee Brace

    Can anyone recommend a knee brace to reduce knee pain while running? I find when I run the outside of my left knee starts to hurt about the mile/mile-and-a-half point. According to my google medical degree (;)) it's likely an IT band issue. I have proper running shoes (fitted with inserts)...
  4. ricklyk1

    STS Body Rockers - November 2012

    Hi ladies!! I started a new thread for November. I didn't workout yesterday. My stomach was upset most of the day. :confused: I'm feeling better today so I did Total Body Trisets: Upper Body this morning. Not sure what i've got planned for the rest of the week. Wendy: Thanks for the...
  5. ricklyk1

    STS Body Rockers - October 2012 :)

    Hi girls! Getting us started for October (even though it's a day early). :) Today's workout will (hopefully) consist of abs + a 3 mile run/jog. I'll probably spend a little quality time with my foam roller this afternoon too. After that it's lunch and grocery shopping. I'm hoping this...
  6. ricklyk1

    STS BodyRockers - August 2012

    Happy Monday! Sorry i'm such a bad check-in pal on the weekends. I sit in front of a computer all day during the week so I tend to boycott the computer on the weekends. :) Saturday we had our second adoption yard sale. We didn't make as much money this time but i'm still thrilled with out...
  7. ricklyk1

    STS BodyRockers - Week of July 29th

    Hi gals! Getting us started for the week. :) Today I did Courtney Prather's "Push" workout at the gym. - Courtney Prather Fitness 360: Training Because I had the time, I added 3 sets each of the following: (1) tricep pulldowns, (2) lateral side raises, (3) cross body...
  8. ricklyk1

    STS Body Rockers - Week of June 10th!

    Hi ladies! Getting us started for the week! I just finished making light(er) banana bread (yum!), and after grocery shopping, laundry, and closet cleaning (ugh) I hope to sneak in a workout this afternoon. BBL to report and catch up on personals! :)
  9. ricklyk1

    STS Body Rockers week of 5/20

    Hi ladies! Popping in for a quick hello. :) I've missed chatting with you girls! I'm slowly healing. My throat is (finally) much better today but I still feel weak and not myself. I rarely get sick like this but when I do I make a huge production out of it. :p :rolleyes: Despite vehement...
  10. ricklyk1

    STS Body Rockers week of 4/29

    Hi ladies! I finished STS yesterday. WOOHOO! I had a great last workout. :) I'm officially into my active recovery week so today I did Bob Harper's Yoga for the Warrior + the bonus 15 minute ab section. Wow, I really enjoyed this workout! There was only 1 move that I could not get (it was a...
  11. ricklyk1

    STS Body Rockers week of 4/22

    Hi ladies! Busy but fun weekend. My favorite kind! ;) Yesterday I was supposed to go to Keeneland (think Kentucky Derby, but on a smaller scale) but it was cold and rainy so I bailed last minute. I ended up meeting up with friends for dinner and drinks yesterday evening (the calorie count was...
  12. ricklyk1

    STS Bodyrockers Week of 3/11

    Hi gals! LOOK! I'm starting the new thread. EEEEEEEE! :p I always feel so proud when I start a new thread. Wow, I need to get a life, lol! :rolleyes: I'm going to try to be better about checking in I promise! I've been really busy at work lately and it is cutting into my check-in time (I...
  13. ricklyk1

    STS Body Rockers, Valentine's Week (2/12 - 2/18)

    Hi ladies! Getting us started for the week. No work (or workout) on Friday. I rested all day and it helped tremendously with this cold situation. I still didn't feel 100% yesterday, but I forced myself to do Athletic Step (no cool down) + TBT:LB Express. Today's workout was Disc 8...
  14. ricklyk1


    Good morning gals! Getting us started for the week! Yesterday's workout was Intensity (yikes) and today's workout was MMA: Boxing. My legs are soooo sore from the cominbation of pylo legs, terminatior and intensity so MMA: Boxing was a welcome change this morning. BBL for personals!
  15. ricklyk1

    STS Body Rockers - Week of July 15th!

    STS Body Rockers - Week of July 17th! Oh this is my first time starting the new thread. I feel so special. :D :p Sorry i've been MIA. Crazy, emotional weekend. :rolleyes: Here's what i've been up to workout wise. Friday: Rest Saturday: HiiT Pyramid + CM (15 minutes) Sunday: Disc 31...
  16. ricklyk1

    Those Crazy Biceps

    Hi Cathe!! I just started STS Meso 2 (which rocks by the way) and, because i'm using my heaviest weights to date (yay) i'm starting to really notice the strength difference between my biceps. My left bicep is definitely weaker than my right bicep. I just finished Disc 15 this morning, and...
  17. ricklyk1

    Protein/Filling Foods for Kids

    Hi Cathletes! My 4 1/2 year old nephew is going through a phase where he wants to eat all the time (he recently came off a phase where he never wanted eat). Currently all he wants to eat is carbs - bread, rolls, FRUIT (and more fruit), graham crackers, cereal, etc. My sister can't seem to...
  18. ricklyk1

    Random Rest Week

    Is it okay to take a random, unplanned rest week? I have been working out consistently since August 2010 and really kicked it up a notch in October 2010. I’m finishing up a six weeks cardio intensive rotation (with at least 2 days of weights as well) and thought maybe a rest week would benefit...
  19. ricklyk1

    Intermediate Abs Strength DVD Recommendations

    Can anyone recommend an intermediate(ish) abs DVD? I'm thinking something maybe like CoreMax or Abs Circuits except for an intermediate exerciser instead of an advanced exerciser. I'm really struggling with Cathe's abdominal routines. The only routine I can honestly complete in full is Stability...
  20. ricklyk1

    What DVD to get next?

    I've got a few gift cards I need to use and i've been debating for the past hour on what DVD to get next! For the next 2-3 months my goal is to lose 15-20 pounds and after that my focus will be on building muscle endurance and strength (maybe i'll treat myself to STS for my birthday in May -...