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    AT&T Uverse fitness channels?

    Do any of you Catheletes know if AT&T Uverse has any exercise channels? Am I right that Fittv is no more & has become Discovery Fitness & Health?
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    The Best Diet of All

    This is from Bottom Line Secrets Daily Health News - one of the best, most concise articles of diet I've ever seen: Many diets tell you to restrict certain nutrients or foods—or they tell you to load up on just one or a few. For instance, the Atkins Diet advises you to avoid food high in...
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    Pre-order 30% off bonus purchas

    I pre-ordered the new workouts & took advantage of getting another DVD at 30% off - got Cardio Hits because I'd gotten rid of all my VHS workouts. I LOVE those old Cathe step workouts (Step Fit, Power Max & Step Works)! I played snippets of them to see if I remembered them & I did! Can't wait...
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    Easy apple cobber

    My newest addiction! I love junk food and allow myself a very controlled cheat day once a week. For several weeks I've been making this super easy & very tasty apple cobbler: 8 large apples, peeled and cut into small pieces 1 - box Pillsbury sugar free yellow cake mix 8 oz. chopped walnuts...
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    Core sliders

    Cheap workout toys - my favorite! You don't need a bunch of expensive equipment to get fit!!! I have to add these to my collection of portable equipment: The CoreSlider
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    Cathe's Eric is going to be 12!!

    I think I'm right - I've been hangin' around these forums a long time, and if memory serves me right, Mr. Eric is going to be 12 years old in a couple of days! Cathe posted a pic of her & the boys on Facebook, & those kids are going to beat off the chicks with a stick! They sure got Mama's...
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    Lowmax revisited

    Been dusting off my Cathe low impact dvds in the past few weeks after getting the low impact series, and have done Low Impact Circuits & Lowmax for the first time in ages. I don't know that I'd ever done Lowmax in it's entirety but it left me sweating plenty yesterday! I did it with 2 risers...
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    Slide n' Glide cardio

    Don't let the short length fool you! I did this one yesterday, and I was sweating big time when I was done! This is a good workout for when you are short on time. Did not have time for the seated & floor slide, but I can't wait to try it!
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    Cardio Core Circuit - two thumbs up!

    This sat in my laundry basket full of DV's for 2 years & I pulled it out for the first time today - a real butt kicker with easy moves! Good job, Cathe!!
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    Cathe - jacket in Fox Biz interview

    I love your jacket - might I ask where I could get one just like it????!!!!!! By the way, you did great! I saw the first interview you did with Tracy, too.
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    Teaching Zumba

    Any Zumba instructors out there? Did you learn it by watching the DVD's or did you get certified? I'd like to teach it & wondered if I could learn enough by doing the DVD's. I already teach other classes so I have that experience already.
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    Good stuff from Bob Harper

    I'm following him on facebook, and he's been posting some good stuff, like this forward skater challenge: and cardio pushups:
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    Rockafit shoes @ Kmart

    Just got a pair of these on sale for $19.99 (regular price is $29.99) & I like them! I was skeptical about those types of shoes & refused to pay $100 that some of them cost, but I must say that I think these really could be good walking shoes because they mimic the motion of heel-toe role of...
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    TV shows that I ALWAYS watch

    Cakeboss Biggest Loser Little People Big World Pawn Stars American Pickers The O'Reilly Factor Fox & Friends House Redeye What Would You Do (ABC news) My channel of choice that is on mostly all day: Fox News Channel - no explanation needed Channel that I NEVER watch: MSNBC - no...
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    Biggest Loser Bootcamp DVD

    Did this one over the weekend with my son - and I give it 2 thumbs up! I'm used to very intense workouts, and do 2 bootcamp classes every week at the gym (very advanced level), and I was very pleased with this DVD. There are 3 sections, and I was able to do 2 for a total time of about 40...
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    Biggest Loser 9/22

    I watched it this morning (usually watch it on the weekends, but I couldn't wait) & was again dismayed because of the huge unrealistic & dangerous weight loses. Come on - week 2 & some lost way more than 10#?????!!!!! That sends such a bad message - no wonder so few of those contestants keep...
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    Cathe Eggland Tour cities

    Is there a posting somewhere on these boards for the cities on the Cathe Eggland Tour? I just got an email about the Daytona stop in October.
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    Dial up internet - best deals, best service

    Can anyone please recommend a good dial-up internet service - best bang for the buck, the fastest for the cheapest.
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    Farrah Fawcett died

    What an icon she was, and what a dignified fight she put up - an example for all of us. She really proved herself as an actress, didn't she? RIP, Angel.
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    Chinners check-in

    I couldn't find a chinners thread, so I'll start one. I haven't checked in for awhle, but am today 'cause I very excited about my chinning sets this morning. Felt very strong with my "big" set being 7 unassisted, then 4(+6 w/ Iron Woody skinniest band), 3(+4) & 2(+4). Then did incline set...