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  1. nkhansen1

    JM Body Revolution review

    So, I had a huge post about each phase ready to publish for y'all, and my computer reset, and I lost it all. :( Now you get the condensed version instead! Overall, GREAT program. I have done two workouts from each phase, and I can tell you that it is no joke. Each phase consists of five...
  2. nkhansen1

    You can benefit from my stupidity!

    *If this is not an appropriate post, please let me know, and I will take it down!* Somehow, when I placed my last order, I ordered two of a couple DVDs. I was just going to send the extras back until someone decided to help me out and unwrap them...not cool. Ugh. Anyway, I have a copy of...
  3. nkhansen1

    Jillian Michaels 90 day Body Revolution

    I just ordered her new metabolic workouts after seeing the commercial for them. They look pretty dang challenging! Having done Cathe for years, P90X and Insanity, it looks like Jillian has taken the best of those programs and crammed them into 30 minute workouts. They look like great add-ons...
  4. nkhansen1

    What are your 1RM?

    I'm just curious to see what other first time STS 1RM charts look like. I'm still working on completing mine. Would anyone be willing to share their results?
  5. nkhansen1

    Question about loading barbell

    After doing Cathe for years, I finally got a barbell! Yay! My question is this: when you are loading your bar, do you take into account the 5 lbs the Troy Lite bar weighs? For example, if you load the bar with 20 lbs, are you putting on 20 pounds of plates in addition to the bar, or are you...
  6. nkhansen1

    Cathe or SNM- 1 rep max question

    I found a great online calculator for the 1RM, and I was wondering if you could specify exactly which muscle groups we need to find our 1RM for. Right now I am finding my 1 RM for the following: biceps triceps lats delts anterior delts pecs legs Is this comprehensive enough, or do I...
  7. nkhansen1

    Pavlov would smile

    So I was driving around the other day, and "Jesse's Girl" came on the radio. It's on Body Max 2, you'll recall. Well, my heart rate shot straight up at just hearing that song! How funny is that?!
  8. nkhansen1

    How are your other projects going?

    I was reading through old blog posts and was reminded of your Altus project and more plans for filming. How is all that coming along? Love, love 4DS by the way.
  9. nkhansen1

    Anyone had a tubal ligation reversal?

    In 2005, after my sixth miscarriage, my doctor made the recommendation that I consent do a tubal ligation after my d&c since I would already be under anesthesia. I should mention here that I'm 30 and do have two healthy children, but I really wanted another baby. However, pregnancy doesn't...
  10. nkhansen1

    How soon can you test?

    It takes two weeks from conception for HCG to show up in your urine and bloodstream, so you can start testing on the day your period is due. Some tests are a little more sensitive, saying that you can use them 5 days earlier, but I'm not sure how reliable they really are.
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    I left out the proper cooking time for a loaf. Rolls: 375 for 12 minutes Loaf: 375 for 20 minutes Sorry!
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    sorry- wrong forum deleted post

    whoops! wrong forum
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    Did Cardio Fusion for the first time- about died!

    I had to share my experience, though you will laugh at me. I just got CF in the mail, and popped it in for an all cardio day. I thought it would be no big deal since I have all the workouts it's made from and do them all regularly. Well, I'm a foolish woman. I'm pretty sure Cathe and crew...
  14. nkhansen1

    The workout spoof from SNL- you gotta see it! I hope this link will work, or you might have to cut and paste it into your browser bar. It's hilarious! Natalie
  15. nkhansen1

    From bedrest to buff!

    Growing up I had never had a weight problem. In fact it was quite the opposite! I was an avid cross-country track participant, and weighed in at a whopping 5'3", 107 lbs. Fast forward to 1999 at age 22 when, after six miscarriages, I finally became pregnant with a good one. I was put on...
  16. nkhansen1

    Question about Butts and Guts

    Hi Cathe, I have legs that respond very well, shall we say, to weight work. If I'm not careful, I get very bulky in the thigh area. I usually try to use 30-40 lbs for lower body work, but inevitably by pants get very tight in the thigh area, and I have to go lighter for a while which is...