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    Sts with 1 total body day or...

    Thanks Jane!! I agree with you completely. Thank you for the good luck wishes
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    Sts with 1 total body day or...

    I agree!!! Love Cathe
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    Sts with 1 total body day or...

    Too be honest, I am doing STS to compliment my kettlebell training which is why I've chosen STS. I need to build endurance and strength to help complete those 10 min sets of snatches and clean and jerks. I could leave out the hypertrophy, but I like the aesthetics of muscles. Lol. I'm not...
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    Sts with 1 total body day or...

    Hi Jane! Thanks you for replying! I quickly found out that each disc 2x/ week was too much for me as well. In fact, the total body added in is too much too. Lol!! Like you, I am going to do it as written. I do kettlebell sport practice 3x per week and I run 3x per week. So I think anything...
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    Sts with 1 total body day or...

    Hi everyone! I'm trying to decide if it's better to do the sts workouts with one total body day added in or do each sts 2x/ week? I want to hit each muscle group twice per week, but I don't want to get burnt out. Also, I run 3 times. Can anyone tell me which they have done and what their...
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    Why I love LITE

    I used to love Low Max! Wow! You mentioning that, it definitely going to have to get pulled back out and dusted off. I will try the Low impact Circuit too. Thanks
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    Why I love LITE

    Lol! My biggest problem is trying to decide on which one to do. They're all great!
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    LITE series another winner

    I'm loving this series too!! Like many of you have said, bad back and knees, and shoulders also for me. This leaves me feeling worked, but not beat up. It's perfect!
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    Why I love LITE

    I was thinking about doing the same thing!! I figured between Lite, Ice,and Low Impact Series, I could get get about 6 months in easy! I've been with Cathe since the 90's also, and I have done a lot of sports and have injured myself a lot. I've decided to quit being hardheaded and listen to...
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    Metabolic Blast = 2 thumbs up!

    I just did this one tonight and loved it! I didn't think I would like it as much as the one from the ICE series, but now my only complaint will be trying to decide which one to do for my next metcon workout . Lol!
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    Kettlebell workouts!

    Yes!!! Kettlebell workouts please
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    Cathe Friedrich's LITE PHA 2 Workout

    Did this this morning and I loved it! I was leery of it because I almost always do either upper/lower or total body working 1 muscle group as a time. This was amazing and I found I truly like this method. Time for me to try the other PHA!! Lol. Thanks Cathe and crew
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    Kettlebell workouts

    Hi Cathe! I would love to see your spin on kettlebell training! Would love to see a series with heavy upper and lower body work and metcon workouts using the traditional kb lifts Happy New Year! Amy
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    Check-in May 4

    Hi everyone! This is Aimee, a.k.a competition bound!! I have had the hardest time with this forum here lately. It keeps denying me! Hopefully, this one will stick! Ok, I've got to workout here in a few, so here's my week! MON: BMAX cardio only BBA and yoga TUES: yoga, SLA, and walk for 30min...