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    crosstrain express EXTREME ;-)

    hands down the ultimate package and timesaver series! Please bring back as a series using various cardio(spinning,rebounding, step ,hi lo, kickbox and switch up the one day body part section with the reps, sets, and rest !(ex german volume training 10 sets of 10!)
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    updated tank top rotation?

    Does anyone have an updated version of Marlene's original tanktop rotation that you can share with me? If so its greatly appreciated! delphene Tank Top rotation by Marlene. Day 1: PS Chest, Back, Shoulders, Biceps,and Triceps. Day 2: CTX Leaner Legs Day 3: CTX Shoulders...
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    Fitnessfeak :-) special request for totalbody rotation

    Hi Fitnessfreak, Im a fan of your rotations ;-) and am in HIGH hopes that you can help me with a 90 day total body rotation for an upcoming special occasion ;-) Im going to propose to my boyfriend in barbados ;-) My Goal is Nov 16th ;-) Total body workouts 3x a week have always given me the...
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    total body sts strength & sts shock rotation?

    Hi Cathletes! Im hoping someone can help me create a total body rotation using cathe's latest workouts! I prefer 3 total body workouts a week w 3 cardio (or 1 interval mixed in)! I am clueless on how to arrange this with the sts stengths / sts shock dvds! Your guidance will be much...
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    Summer Total body training rotation w lower body focus?

    Can you please share your total body rotation suggestions with me that will help me reach my goals? My goals for the summer: to maintain my weight 1 hour duration max total body 3x a week(and additional lower days if needed) my focus is on my weak bodypart glutes (flat*ss syndrome...
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    Your FAVORITE total body workouts or mishmoshes?

    I prefer to keep my workouts an hour or under! Can you please share with me your favorite total body workouts?(if over an hour thats ok too) They can be cathe,other instructors,premixes or your own personal mix and match workouts! (I've already tried the recommended combo of Ctx leaner...
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    total body premixes?

    Can you please tell me what cathe dvds have total body premixes? Thanks soo much, delphene
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    whats your favorite workout music & best place to buy?

    I've been using the music off feature alot lately(loving it) and want to buy more thumping music! What's everyone listening too and where's the lowest price to buy? TIA delphene
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    Pictures of Hollis Woods anyone????

    Can someone tell me how the last 15 mins went? Or if it will be on again! I dvr'd this hallmark movie not knowing the football game would run in overtime ;-0 The last Part I remember seeing was "after" Hollis escaped to the cabin with Josie! She was in a room drawing with her social...
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    sugar free chocolate chips?

    Can someone please tell me what stores carry sugar free chocolate chip morsels. I'd like to bake some cookies for a special friend tomorrow! Thanks, Delphene
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    Tank Top rotation cardio ideas and your favorite rotati...

    I'm gonna start Marlene's tank top rotation tomorrow and would love suggestions for the cardio days ! I have all of cathe's ,cias and spinervals if that helps ;-) Also, any favorite tanktop rotations out there that you would all like to share using updated workouts? TIA Delphene PS...
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    premix suggestions please?

    I have all of cathe's workouts and would like to use premixes that have cardio first then weights! I'd really appreciate your input since its difficult to know what the premixes consist of without previewing them! Unfortunatley I dont have that extra time to go through them ! I was...
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    cathe's dvd series as rotations?

    I posted this ?in ask cathe(probably wrong spot-sorry) and am reposting here since its the rotation forum ;-) Does anyone have a recommendation (or list) for using all of cathe's workout series in a progressional rotation format? I have all of cathe dvds and wanted to do something...
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    dvd series as rotations?

    Cathe, Do you have a recommendation (or list) for using all of your workout series in a progressional rotation format? I have all of your dvds and wanted to do something different and cross train using them all progressively throughout the year! Thanks for your time, Delphene
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    one bodypar a day w/ cardio rotations

    I meant to post this here but put it in OD by mistake! Can you all post your favorite mish moshes for CTX like rotations that train one bodypart a day along w/ cardio? MY SIL is having soo much success with this training split, it just works for her ! Problem now is she's bored of ctx and...
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    one body part a day w/ cardio rotations ideas

    Can you all post your favorite mish moshes for CTX like rotations that train one bodypart a day along w/ cardio? MY SIL is having soo much success with this training split, it just works for her ! Problem now is she's bored of ctx and the timesaver dvd and needs ideas and suggestions on...
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    Hey Gf, Any new rotations brewing or on the horizon? I'm Especially looking for a kickin rotation for our summer countdown! Gotta make the bikini say BAM & baby, you got back ;-) TIA for any consideration, Love you girl! PS What have you been doing as far as training goes...
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    A-Jock, Abs rotation?

    I'm soo loving the doms from your ab mish mosh and posted a reply on your previous thread that got me thinking! Howabout an A-Jock abs rotation to supplement our existing workouts? That be killa! don't y'all think? Anyone else wanting something like this? Geez ,what would we...
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    Need WW activity points for Cathe's

    Does anyone know the activity points for ALL of Cathe's workouts! This will be very helpful and much appreciated! PS its Girlscout cookie season ;-) heres the points list for those interested for themselves or are selling for their kids !
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    forum training journals ?

    I was emailing my rotation guru today, Debbie(fitnessfreak), and asked her if she ever thought of doing an online training journal! (for those of us who are insprired and motivated by her!) Then a lightbulb went off ;-) Wow, that would be a neat addition to the site-online journals- for...