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    Step N Motion #1 - Such sadness!!

    I'd love the Wedding Video on DVD. Having two long workouts on VHS means that it's never at the right place.
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    SNM - Have you made a decision yet?

    I'm with you on that Kimmy. If the gym-style is on 3 separate DVDs, it really isn't that useful to me, and I'd rather save the money and use what I have. But, if they are on one DVD and more flexible, especaillly with premixes, then that would be awesome. Funny- I don't need 3 more weight...
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    SNM - Have you made a decision yet?

    RE: Thanks BLinda! >But the real question I really need 6 more cycling >workouts?:7 I'm guessing yes! }(
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    SNM - Have you made a decision yet?

    Well- I agree that you have to do what is best. And, if putting them all on separate DVDs works out to a better choice, so be it. But, I just must say- not all people look only at the price of a DVD and not at the content. There are plenty of us here who are saying that we appreciate the...
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    SNM - Have you made a decision yet?

    RE: SNM - Not Yet Good point. I suppose that means that I shall not be getting any more of Cathe's weight work that involves 3 day splits. Ever, since I won't buy it at the regular prices, even with premixes that they might decide to add later after the presale is over. Given that it...
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    SNM - Have you made a decision yet?

    RE: SNM - Not Yet So should we wait to preorder, or just order all we want in hopes they will have pre-mixes and cancel the order if the decision doesn't go our way? Would the best idea be to have two orders- one for each possiblity, and just cancel the one that doesn't work? Because if...
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    What Hardcore workout are you most excited about?

    LowMax most The stretch one the least- I'm not a fan of athletic stretching.
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    Which Hardcore DVDs Will YOU Buy?

    Well- it's either only LowMax and MuscleMax, or all 11. It all depends on the pre-mix decision and whether or not the gym styles end up on one DVD with pre-mixes or three separate DVDs as they are planning as of now. It just isn't worth $60 to me for the Gym Styles as 3 separate workouts- I...
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    Gym Style on 1 DVD or 3 Seperate DVD

    My vote would be to have all three on one DVD with at least a total body pre-mix (or two) that would be in the hour range and a couple pre-mixes that would form a 2 day split. That would need no more than three pre-mixes, and make things so that just about everyone could get something from...
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    Which Hardcore DVDs Will YOU Buy?

    Well- I had originally been thinking of getting all 11, but after hearing ther will be no pre-mixes, I'm down to 2, maybe 3. It's not set in stone, but without the fun of pre-mixes, I don't really have any use/need for the gym style. It's hard to imagine how different they are going to be...
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    Important questions on Hardcore

    As another person who loves all the pre-mixes, I'd rather have the gym-styles all on one DVD. I tend to use the premixes at least as often as the original workout, so knowing that these will be on separate DVDs and that we are looking at way less premixes for this set, I think I can minimize my...
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    Anyone have natural birthing stories?

    I had both of mine without epidurals. The first was an induction, and I eventually dod get pain meds through the IV line. That worked out well for me, as I really needed them at that time. My second was born in a birth center with no meds whatsoever. This was exactly the way I would like to...
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    My morning sickness is killing me!!

    What worked for me was not taking my vitamins. The iron made me sick. And, it was like that for the whole pregnancy. The other thing that worked for me was candied ginger. This gives more ginger than ginger ale, and I really enjoyed it. I found it made me feel better, not just helping with...
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    Could I get pregnant this way??

    LAST EDITED ON Nov-13-02 AT 10:36PM (Est)[p]>ooops sorry
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    Could I get pregnant this way??

    >I'm not sure just exactly how >the pill works, especially since >there are several different types >to take, but I do >remember that they're only supposed >to be about 99% effective. >Kind of scary to think >that, for every 100 times >a couple makes woopy, there's >a chance the pill...
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    First Internal Exam today

    Well, I had two babies with midwives, and I can tell you, your feelings are right. Women do not treat other women this way. I was never treated with the total lack of respect your "Dr" showed for his patient. Your mom has been hanging around Dr's too long if she believes it is necessary to...
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    Homebirth anyone??!!

    Never had a home birth- I have a friend who had two at home, and loved the first time, and had serious hemmoraging the second time, so she had to be rushed to the hospital. Her third she had in a hospital (it is illegal here to have a homebirth, and I think she was spooked by her last one)...
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    Flaxseed during pregnancy

    I took it during my second pregnancy, and don't belive it caused an problems whatsoever. My son was perfectly healthy, and good size, born naturally (I even went into labor myself, a change form teh first time when I needed to be induced) and very quickly, 3 days early (perfect in my book). I...
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    Cloth diapers

    We used a diaper service with my first, and really liked it. They raised the prices a lot though, so it was way more expensive for my second. We bought diapers for him, but didn't use them as much as we had intended to. We bought some of the newborn sized ones, which I really liked, as the...
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    Cathe Classics DVD (volume 1)

    LAST EDITED ON May-14-02 AT 11:18AM (Est)[p]Number one would be Step Heat. Step Jam is a second choice for me. Honestly, to me, Step Max and MSB are so similar (except the Bun Blaster) that I don't really care which you choose of these two. I do not need all of Mega Step Blast, but I...