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    Happy Holidays from Sheila

    Hi Everyone, Just wanted to wish you all a safe and wonderful Christmas. It is so rewarding to "see" all of you on the forum. We have a great group of moms here! Merry Fitness, Sheila
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    Whoops! I just deleted the question about swimming

    Hello all, I was trying to revise my response to the question regarding when to start swimming after delivery. Here is my answer: My apologies to Shammy! Hello there, You should not go swimming as long as you are bleeding. Once your lochia (bloody discharge after birth) has gone, you...
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    <center><font size="1" color="#ff0000">LAST EDITED ON Oct-04-99 AT 10:56PM (EST)</font></center> Hi everyone, Just a note to let you all know that I will be on vacation from Wednesday (10/6) to Wednesday (10/13). We are going to the beach!
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    Gone until Monday August 16th

    Hello "moms-to-be" and everyone else, I will be leaving for Washington, DC tomorrow (August 10th) and will not be back until Sunday (August 15th). "Healthy Moms" is presenting our first Pregnancy and Postpartum Fitness Instructor Training and Certification at the DCAC Fitness Summit. Needless...
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    Cramping during exercise

    Hi Lisa, Please forgive me for taking so long to answer your question. I realize that in his book Dr. Clapp said that cramping during exercise was normal in the latter part of pregnancy and as long as the cramping went away after you stopped exercising you were probably okay. My concern about...