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    STS without 1RM

    Hi, So, I've had STS for years, but I have never started. One reason is because I lack some equipment. I have dumbbells up to 30s and i have a barbell, but I have no squat rack. Because of this, I am limited to how far I can advance. But do you think STS would be a good workout just as a...
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    Shoulder Pain

    Hi Cathe! I have recently returned to weight training, working out about 3x a week using the gym style series and full body STS. I have noticed that i have shoulder pain in the front of my shoulder, top of my arm near my collar bone. It is sore to the touch! It hurts when I do any chest...
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    I got someone arrested....(long)

    Hello Everyone, This is an update on a very old post. Some of you may recall that my husband and I have rescued cats throughout the years and "Sandy" was one of them. He'd been a victim of animal cruelty and at the age of 12 weeks, a man broke both of his back legs. Many of you helped in...
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    TMJ, anyone have this???

    Hi, I've never formally been diagnosed, but I suffer from it. It is the pits for sure! I had my dentist make a special night guard for me to wear. It fits only on the two front teeth on the top jaw. The purpose is to make sure your back teeth never meet because that's how you grind/cause...
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    What cardio to do during STS?

    Yes, walking is okay. I have a treadmill and I guess I'll stick to it for cardio when the super cold temps hit here. I may have to reach out to you gals for help when I finally start. I need to get my book out and study. :D
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    What cardio to do during STS?

    Hi Everyone! :) I have had STS for many years now, but haven't attempted anything but the separate STS full body workout. The reason for my delay is, I have had chronic mono and some thyroid issues that sort of wiped me out. I am thinking of doing STS now, but the cardio has to be low impact...
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    Patella Tendonitis?

    Yeah, I wondered the same thing. I don't think its an alignment issue though because I see a chiropractor regularly. :(
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    Patella Tendonitis?

    Not really - it doesn't hurt unless I kneel, squat or lunge....or push on it! That's when it really hurts. When would you say I could expect to be up and moving again? I'm going to see the doctor tomorrow. :( Still bummed. Reese
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    Patella Tendonitis?

    Hi Super bummed right now. I have been trying to get back into the swing of things for a year now and I did very well from February until about 2 weeks ago with lifting and working out. I even lost 22 pounds, but NOW -my right knee has betrayed me. Actually, the pain isn't in my knee...
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    HIIT Cardio

    Hi Everyone - For those of you who have done this HIIT Cardio workout with the 30/20 and the 40/20 (I think I have that right) - in your opinion do you think you need the step for this? Or could you improvise with a high step that has a couple risers taken out? I don't have the regular...
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    Having trouble getting started...AND 1RM

    Hi Everyone... I have had STS for a few months now, but I'm having trouble getting started. I have done the first or second workout in the first mesocycle, but after that, i've fallen off. It's not that I find it boring, I think it's more that I'm a perfectionist, so if I miss a workout, I...
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    STS Weight Loss

    Hi Everyone - I just bought STS and it should be here tomorrow or Thursday. I'm super excited! Just wondered if anyone could tell me how much weight loss (or maybe "size" loss) I could expect? Thanks! Reese
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    Thanks! Ok thanks a bunch for the info! I think I'm going to give it a try! :)
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    Can anyone tell me more about STS? Are you pleased with it??? I'm seriously considering it but just want more information on the cycles and exercises in general. For example, in Mesocycle 1, how do the workouts cycle through the body parts? (Does that make sense?) Just want to make sure...
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    P90X Question????

    Hi, Does anyone know if I can get the nutrition and exercise instruction booklets that come with P90X somewhere other than from Beachbody? They want $30 PER BOOK plus shipping...and I can't afford that. I cannot find my booklets anywhere. I think I left them in a bag I donated to Goodwill...
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    Chinese Trigger Immune and VS-C

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    Chinese Trigger Immune and VS-C

    Has anyone here ever tried these supplements? I'm curious what results anyone has gotten using them.
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    Spotting/Bleeding during pregnancy

    My daughter miscarried tonight. We just got home from the hospital in Morgantown. It's 1:14 am. I'm so tired. It's like a blizzard outside, and we almost got stuck on a back road on our way home. We drove about 20 miles an hour on the interstate. My daughter was sad and confused like her...
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    Spotting/Bleeding during pregnancy

    Hi Everyone, My daughter sent me a text late last night to say that the spotting had stopped. Whew! She also called a doctor's office answering service and spoke with someone there and they also talked about how spotting is normal, but to come to the ER if sharp pains or cramping...
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    Spotting/Bleeding during pregnancy

    No, no appointment yet; she's probably only about 4-5 weeks along. They won't even make an appointment for her until she's 9 - 10 weeks. I called and asked today. That's whats so nerve wracking about this situation. :(