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    Circular yoga mat “slipperiness”

    Thanks so much!
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    Circular yoga mat “slipperiness”

    I love, love, love my Cathe circular yoga mat. So nice to not scoot off the mat when doing 90-90’s anymore! Question though. When doing some moves, such as the standing wide straddle stretch in the Mobility workout, I find my feet ever so slowly slipping. Similar issue when doing down dogs. The...
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    Circular yoga mat

    Yippee! Thanks for such a quick response. Can’t wait to order!
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    Circular yoga mat

    Just wondering if we have an ETA on the round yoga mats used in the Perfect Flow vids. I keep sliding off my rectangular mat doing those 90 90s!
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    Thank you for still making DVDs!

    Love the DVDs!
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    Can balance be developed?

    I just did Lower Body Blast and am always in awe of Jai as she does one-legged deadlifts while lifting her back leg. I tried...and almost fell and broke my face. Minus of course an ear problem that would impact things, is balance something you either have or you don’? Can it be developed and...
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    Updated Rock Bottom Rotation

    I was JUST going through the posts to see if I could find a solid butt rotation so I, too, would love to see this in May! I still work out 6 days a week with Cathe but being stuck in a high-rise apartment during this "shelter in place" business is taking its toll on my backside!
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    Way to measure band tension?

    I'm with tic93. I want a "Cathlete" t-shirt!
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    Difficulty accessing on demand?

    Over the past week I have intermittent success accessing the on demand videos - I keep getting a message that the database can't be reached. Anyone else experiencing issues or is it just on my end?
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    Way to measure band tension?

    Thanks for such a quick and thorough response. For now, I'll just double up my bands to get close to the tension level I'm looking for until I can order once again from Cathe.
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    Way to measure band tension?

    I wore out two of my Cathe fitness bands and ordered more on line as we are no longer able to order directly from Cathe (insert sad face here). The "heavy" band that came in my pack of 3 was barely more than Cathe's pink band. Is there a way to know how much tension you're getting with a band...
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    Imax 4

    Loved it! I did Step Sync yesterday and while I loved the choreography my heart rate didn't really go anywhere. Not so with IM4! But now next time I do it I know I have the dreaded burpees waiting for me at the end. Another great job, Cathe!!!
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    Brand name of weighted gloves in STS

    I know Cathe no longer sells Cathe-branded fitness accessories (sad face) but I wonder if anyone knows the brand of gloves used in STS - the kind with the sand weight pouches inside the top of the glove. I have a pair now I use for boxing, but the sand bag on one of the 1# weights has torn and...
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    Create a treadmill series please

    SOOO in!
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    Anyone else always hungry when doing STS?

    Thanks very much, ladies. Glad to know it isn't just me. I probably should have been more specific... what the scale says doesn't matter to me. It's the body fat % that's important. I expected to gain "weight" building more muscle, but I always hope I'm going to have better success losing body...
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    Anyone else always hungry when doing STS?

    I just love the results from STS from a muscle development standpoint, but I struggle to shed the couple pounds I always hope for, probably because I feel like I eat slightly more than usual because STS makes me SO hungry! Is it just me?
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    XTrain User's Guide

    I also received the guide with my DVD set.
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    Help understanding X10 calorie count in Workout Manager

    While I am the first to admit math and I are not friends, I am trying to figure out the calorie counts associated with the X10 workouts in the workout manager. The full X10 DVD shows a calorie burn (for me) of 667, but if you count up the calories assigned to each of the five segments...
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    Workout for the older Catheite

    Can't go wrong with either the LITE or ICE series. They are specifically geared to be less intensive on the joints but still provide an excellent workout, plus she provides modifications to further ensure a safe and effective workout. These workouts can be made as easy or as challenging as your...
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    STS & Newer workout series

    THANK YOU! I don't know how I missed this.