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  1. es71475

    Extra early Black Friday

    Due to ongoing gym closures, can you please consider starting a very early black Friday sale on your live workouts? I have gone through all of her workout series and would love to buy some more live workouts?
  2. es71475

    ICE Download issue

    I am having a similar issue in that my link expired before I was able to get my downloads completed. I think this is the first time you have put an expiration on the download time. I am anxious to be able to start using the new workouts. I emailed at [email protected] as well and...
  3. es71475

    Workout Blender Issues

    After uninstalling and then reinstalling Workout Blender I am having trouble utilizing some of my Cathe downloads. For example I am able to drag Ripped with Hiit Lower Body Circuit and utilize it in the Blender but when I attempt to drag over STS Total Body I get the following message: This...
  4. es71475

    Spinning added to group fitness choices under Cardio

    I don't know if anyone has suggested this in the past but I spin 2-3 times a week and when I add it in my calendar of workouts I have to use the aerobics, general category. I wish you would add spinning as choice under the group fitness choices under the general cardio feature. Thanks.
  5. es71475

    Double charge on a download

    I am trying to see if I can get any resolution and I have sent a few emails but I am trying this route instead. When I was visiting my sister and in the middle of my STS rotation, I realized I did not have the right DVD. I was in a good groove and didn't want to lose my momentum so I decided...
  6. es71475

    Posterior Delt Flys vs. Reverse Flys

    I'm sure you've answered/clarified this more than once and I did look for it on YouTube but can explain/demonstrate the difference between a Posterior Delt Fly and Reverse Fly? Thanks. You can direct me appropriately if you have answered this in the past.
  7. es71475

    Cathe Weight Tower

    I don't know if anyone has inquired about this so I have to ask. When are you going to let us buy the weight tower utilized in the 4 day split series?
  8. es71475

    troy light bar

    I am trying to find out where I can get the troy light bar. I went to the troy website and could not find a 4 foot and 5 pound bar. I have tried several times. If anyone knows how I can find this, I would appreciate it. emily
  9. es71475

    Brand of barbell used

    Which brand of barbell did you use in the pyramid lower body workout? I don't use that workout very often because it seems to take to long to change out my barbell weight and I lose my workout flow. Any suggestions?
  10. es71475


    Cathe, I am interested in what type diet, caloric intake, and exercise schedule you follow. I know that it is now recommended that you workout daily but what has worked for you?