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    Total body weight workouts

    If one does a Cathe Live or DVD total body workout twice per week, do you feel as though there is enough lower body work or should a leg day be added? I workout 5 days per week and was planning on doing 2 total body weight workouts and 3 cardios. Wondering if that will be enough legs or if I...
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    Pregnancy advice

    Hi ladies. It's been a long time since I've posted. I am 10 weeks pregnant with my first. Eeeekkkkk. I've always done high intensity workouts: cathe, spinning, plyometrics, running etc. My doctor said in the first trimester I can continue since my body is used to these activities but to take it...
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    Paul Katami DVD set

    Paul Katami came out with a new DVD set Katami4x4 I already ordered. I love his workouts. Here is the infomercial KATAMI 4X4: Burst Training Home Workout Program (FULL TV SPOT) - YouTube Wanted to share
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    Total body weights and leg training

    Do you all find that total body weight workouts work the legs enough or do you feel you need a day dedicated to your legs? If doing 2 total body weight workouts each week and 2 of my cardios include plyo moves, should I still be doing an hour long leg session?
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    Supercuts, cardio supersets, and afterburn

    Can these workouts be considered a strength/circuit workout if you upped your weight selection? I see most people classify them as cardio.
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    lighter weights with xtrain

    I'm not a huge fan of lifting heavy for my upper body but I want to use the upper body workouts in xtrain. Do you think that one could easily modify xtrain's upper body workouts and use lighter weighst and do 15 reps?
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    cutting back workout time

    Have any of you cut back your workout time from 60 minutes to 30 minutes and were able to maintain? For years I've worked out for 1 hour 6 days a week. I've been thinking of cutting back my workouts from 60 minutes to 30-40 minutes. I don't have any weight to lose and want to stay where i'm at...
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    Happy the roadtrip is over

    because that means Cathe can focus on XTRAIN! So excited for this series!
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    favorite weight training

    What is your favorite weight training method: heavy vs light, splits vs full body, body weight vs weights? Do you find one method works better for your body then another?
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    High Reps and Lower Body Blast

    Have any of you been doing these 2 workouts consistantly each week? If so, what results/changes have you seen?
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    Lower body rotation results

    Or those who have done any or cathe's lower body rotations, what have your results been? I'm considering trying this months rotation.
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    total body workout question

    I'm a fan of total body workouts. Do you feel there is enough leg work in cathe's total body workouts or do you like to add one day per week for a leg only workout?
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    Favorite rotation

    Hat has been your favorite cathe rotation you have done or what cathe rotation has given u the best results (whatever you define as results).
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    2 questions

    First: What rotations, Cathe or non Cathe, has given you the best results in weight loss and muscle definition area (excluding diet as we all know that diet is most important). Second: are you planning on doing a LIS rotation or just incorporating them into your week.
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    benfits of weight training

    I would love to hear what weight training has done for you ie: health, strength, weight control, muscle tone, etc. How long have you been participating in weight training and was there a time when you only did cardio? What type of weight training to you like best: splits vs full body...
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    full body workouts and legs

    Do you feel like Cathe's full body workouts have enough leg work in them, or do you need to do a leg only workout to feel like you've worked legs thoroughly?
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    meso 1 results

    Meso 1 is my favorite. I like the variety and I prefer endurance style workouts. I would like to know what type of results did you see with meso 1? How much cardio did you do? How long did you stick with meso 1?
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    favorite vs most results

    I would like to know which meso cycle was your favorite and which one did you see most results from?
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    heavy or light

    How do you like to lift weights, heavy or light? And which works best for you?
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    order invoice email

    I didn't receive one when I did my preorder. Should I be concerned?