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    Wobbly Step Platform

    Hello all! I'm wondering if I have a faulty step or if a little wobble is normal. I just got my first full-sized original step (I used to use a Reebok step, but I wanted the option for extra risers and incline work). The platform/topper tends to sit a little unsteadily on the risers - sometimes...
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    Workout Manager Weigh-In Won't Save

    Workout Manager won't save my weigh-in today. I tried updating via mobile and desktop. I am not getting an error message, but when I hit save after entering my weight it simply reverts to yesterday's number as though I hadn't entered anything. Any ideas? Thanks!
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    Stretch Max Music

    Hello all! Can someone identify for me the lovely music playing in Stretch Max Routine 1 (no equipment) between about the 10 and 14 minute marks, right after the floor stretches begin? I've always loved that piece and while it sounds so familiar, I've never been able to place it. Thanks!
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    Who Likes Obstacle Courses?

    I was never a fan of running until a friend introduced me to the wonderful world of mud runs and obstacle courses. Climbing walls, monkey bars, and fire jumps? Yes please! I'll run if it means I get to do all that other awesome stuff! So far I have participated in 3 races: Survivor Mud Run...
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    Traveling & Fitness

    I am leaving on Monday for a multi-month Europe backpacking trip. I think the only thing I'm going to miss is working out with Cathe! Does anyone have suggestions for staying in shape while traveling? If I have room in my backpack I'd like to bring a pair of running shoes and a resistance band...
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    Lower Back Pain Advice

    I am 27 and have experienced recurring lower back pain since my teens. It is not severe or incapacitating, but it does make my lower back feel very stiff and I find it difficult and painful to bend over, squat on my heels, or sit on a low seat. The pain is not an everyday thing, but seems to...