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  1. Ly10up

    Any idea as to workouts yet?

    Hi Cathe and team, Any idea as to the workouts planned for our fabulous workout weekend? The RT folks were orchestrating their ziplocks and wondered if you had any plans yet. Thanks!
  2. Ly10up

    6 days!!

    Yep. Less than a week. Time to get packing. See you all soon. :D
  3. Ly10up

    Who's in for Chicago?

    It's on! So thrilled that Chicago RT is happening. :D What a ball it was in 2012. Chime in. Are you in?
  4. Ly10up

    Glassboro RT Facebook group.

    Hi all, A bunch of us are enjoying a face book group created for 2013 roadtrippers, by 2013 roadtrippers. All are welcomed, and if you would like to be part, and aren't already, please message me here on the forums, and I will be happy to add you. Counting down to July!!!
  5. Ly10up

    Who's Who book

    How I adore my Who's Who books from the past. (For anyone not familiar. it was a book of all the RT attendees and info they wanted to share, e-mail address, forum name, photo, with a place for notes, etc., and it was given to each attendee as a keepsake) I still look at my 2008 and 2009 editions...
  6. Ly10up

    Workout Manager- 2012 Stats

    Greetings Cathe and SNM, Happy New Year!! I wasn't certain where to ask this, so please forgive me if this is not the correct forum. Is there a way to see the stats in the Workout manager for 2012? It defaults to 2013, and I would love to see my totals for last year. Thanks in advance.
  7. Ly10up

    The endless shoe question

    So...I found Nike Accomplish Loved them. Then Asic Gel Intensity....Loved them. Opps, they are making no more. Anyone have any great shoes that would fill the void? Asics has alot of offerings. What's you favorite?
  8. Ly10up


    I so love Cathe's kickbox workouts. Any chance we could see a bit of "jab, cross, hook, upper, pop, pop, DUCK" on the roadtrip? :)
  9. Ly10up

    Portable North Pole

    The Christmas tradition thread got me thinking about this and I wanted to share. There is a fabulous site called It asks several questions about your child (or an adult if you choose) ie what behavior they have been working on, Hair color, age, pet name, what they...
  10. Ly10up

    48 days

    48 Days untill I see all your fabulous faces. Any plans for Thursday night for those coming in early? Oh, so excited....:D
  11. Ly10up

    RIP Lena Horne

    Truly a class act. I'll miss her. RIP Lena.
  12. Ly10up

    For those of you with a heavy bag....

    What gloves did you buy? Do you love them? And what's the difference between training gloves, heavy bag gloves and boxing gloves? And there are some that come in different weights. Any help would be appreciated. TIA
  13. Ly10up

    Did you see the new RT clips?

    They posted the pre lunch kickbox/bootcamps classes. What fun to watch!!! That was one fun class!!:D
  14. Ly10up

    OK 'Fess up

    :D So what did you buy for the road trip? I know you bought something. Me? I bought a few pairs of Nike shorts, and a couple of head bands to replace the bandana rollup thing I usually wear to keep my hair off my face. (Curly hair that takes on its own life during step workouts). Oh, and...
  15. Ly10up you remember......

    Barbie with a plasic head and wigs (she's fifty this year, damn she looks awesome) The 007 briefcase with powder exploding (hmm, the the baby powder is missing) I had a great kit that allowed me to twist a wire into a loop, dip it into a toxic plastic mixture of stuff, and when I had...
  16. Ly10up

    Would you buy any/all of these?

    Good morning, I need a bit of advice. I would like to use up my 20% off coupon (God forbid I not purchase something) and have the following Cathe DVDs to choose from that are missing from my library: Gauntlet Terminator Cardio Hits Circuit Max (I have Cardio Kicks on VHS, but wouldn't mind...
  17. Ly10up

    Another GWF update

    I crumbled.....It's now $132.00 on Amazon. Just an FYI for those teetering on the edge as I was.;)
  18. Ly10up

    Lifting gloves

    Do you have a brand or type you like? I have Valeo, with the wrist wraps..hate those (the wrist wraps that is), Everlast, a bit bulky, and tough to clean, and NewGrips (different, slip a bit) Anyone have a favorite? Thanks :)
  19. Ly10up

    Bond villians?

    Let's run with the Bond thing...we need a bit more fun around Bond villian? Jaws here. He was just such a freak that could bite small cars in half. Top job comes in 2nd. Loved the hat thing. Wish I could bring that to work on some days. Um...bad idea...(I throw hat) hee:eek:
  20. Ly10up

    Look at the numbers

    WOW, 630 folks on the site, 440 are guests. Looks like the RT may be a little crowded next year, LOL.