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  1. Adrird

    knee replacement?

    I have never experienced a knee replacement, however I do have some issues with my knees. I think it’s actually genetic for me, but my knees always hurt. I once did a check up on them, and I was told I have a lot of water retention. I then followed some rehabilitation courses in order to...
  2. Adrird

    Mixed Impact Cardio+Pull Day

    I really like cardio training, as it is the only way to get a beautiful figure. Thanks to cardio training, I was able to lose seven kilograms in three months, although in parallel I kept the wrong diet, which ruined my body. I started having problems with my skin, nails, hair, and heart. My...
  3. Adrird

    Breast Cancer

    you are so right Lessie
  4. Adrird

    Meniscus Repair Surgery

    A good medical condition is so important. I’m so sorry this happened, but what is essential now is that you go through the recovery process smoothly. I know it can be quite discouraging sometimes, but remember that there are cases so much worse, and you will definitely get over it. It is...
  5. Adrird

    Anyone "can" their own food?

    My grandmother taught me how to can fruits and vegetables. Usually, my favorites were tomatoes, cucumbers, and canned fruits like quine, and yep peaches. Adore them! I have learned from her the recipe for pickles. It's delicious! She is Russian, and canned food is kept in a cave it's normality...
  6. Adrird

    Fit & Fabulous Workout Warriors

    Hello ladies. Enthusiastic to share my recordings, 50 perfectly executed abs. I feel blessed and 5 miles on the treadmill. I received a new instrument, as I would say in my house, a high-performance treadmill. Fully electric, much better than a manual one. I consulted Jamie on...
  7. Adrird

    Keep Trying/Can’t Print my Workout Card

    Maybe there is something wrong with your printer?
  8. Adrird

    Shoulder Pain

    Try doing more sports, it does help out, maybe get a personal trainer.