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    Low Impact HIIT+Timesaver Mobility Basics Strength premix A++++++

    I love leg intensive workouts. Thanks for the review BlakKat
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    Perfect30 Perfect Pump Lower Body

    Thanks for the review CarolRose. I’m looking forward to doing this dvd.
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    Perfect Flow Mobility Basics

    Thank you Jennifer for a thorough review. I’m looking forward to doing this DVD
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    Lower Body+LB Bonus+Ext Stretch+Core Review

    Thank you BlakKat. Whenever a new series is released, I actively wait in anticipation of your review.
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    Video Clip From Cathe's Perfect HiiT High Impact Workout

    My squat thrust days are over so instead of modifying the move I replace them with 2 x Plyo jacks as these are a 4 count move just as the squat thrust is 8. Or, if my step is handy I’ll replace the squat thrust segment with fast foot repeaters (Cathe has so many moves in her library, just take...
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    Cathe's Perfect Flow Mobility Basics Workout

    Thanks for the clip. I’ve just tried one or two of the moves. Can’t wait for this series to be released.
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    Perfect30 Update - 9-14-20

    Did I hear your witchy laugh just then Cathe, all the way over here in the UK? :D:D:D
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    Side Plank Angle Extension From Cathe's Bonus Core Perfect 30 Workout

    That move doesn’t “look fairly easy” to me but nevertheless, I’m looking forward to trying it out. :)
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    Cathe's Perfect30 Upper Body Workout

    That dumbell looks seriously heavy, quite unlike my 3kg endeavour.
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    Cathe Friedrich's Perfect30 Mobility Training Workout

    Can’t wait to get this workout series.
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    Cathe and Jai doing the scorpion pose from the Perfect 30 Mobility workout

    Wow! This looks so inspiring. My lockdown body is crying out for a good stretch.
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    Cathe New Series Perfect 30 workouts?

    This is the Perfect start to the New Year. Thank you Cathe. Can't wait for the summertime now. I too, as I age, feel the need for yoga in my life. So pleased for this release.
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    STEP BOSS Online User's Guide

    Thank you for the users guide. I'm loving the Step Lovers' one month rotation .
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    Step Sync First Impressions

    Thanks all for the reviews.
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    PHA 3+Ab Stacker

    Thank you for the review. I always look forward to your prompt appraisal of Cathe's workouts. Being in the UK, I rely on your reviews whenever a new series is released, as genuine thoughts on new DVDs just add to the anticipation and the thrill of it all. Shipment takes a seemingly long...
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    Got StepBoss Today!!

    Lucky you. Enjoy
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    Out for delivery!

    You're so fortunate. Being in England I have to wait 7-10 days for my delivery then pay customs charges for the privilege!
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    Something to Crow about

    So far, I've managed 10seconds. Definitely a core inspired move. What I've noticed is I can hold the position longer only when I position a cushion below my head