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    Best workouts for working out anger/stress/sadness

    Run, spin, something where you don't have to think too much....I'm a Christian for me I pray for God to take my anger away....I hope you find some release from you anger.
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    I love step!!!

    She's got one with 80's music she did on halloween!!! Very fun.
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    I love step!!!

    If you love step check out cdorner on youtube.....advanced step 138bpm really fun!
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    Double Step Workouts

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    Tipping point

    My pure strength DVD broke coming out of the case and they replaced it.....DVD's don't usually break when dropped
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    Tipping point

    check with customer service
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    Michelle Dozois Peak 10

    2lazy4thegym may have done a review of them....she is great check her out.
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    Michelle Dozois Peak 10

    They are fun....but she is not Cathe.
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    Mobility Workouts!!

    I done it three times already.
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    Mobility Workouts!!

    I love this workout so much. I was afraid I would burn myself out on I searched youtube and found.....Cdornerfitness….type in 30minute mobility workout.....and she has some pretty good step workouts too.
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    Holy Walking Butt Cheeks!

    On 90/90's in Mobility Basics my butt is walking.....good thing I got a big matt.
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    Perfect30 DVD Shipping Alert!!!

    Mine came today!!! The tracker said Monday....what a great surprise.
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    Perfect30 Perfect Pump Lower Body

    Thank you for the review.
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    Perfect Flow Mobility Basics

    nice review. Thank you.
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    Perfect30 DVD Shipping Alert!!!

    and mine says Monday.
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    Perfect30 DVD Shipping Alert!!!

    Where do ya'll live? I'm in Bama.
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    Which Perfect 30 workout will you do first?

    Lower Body Pump, Mobility, and the bonus cardio.
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    Perfect30 Rotations

    I always add some short step premixes.
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    Lower back pain when do plyo legs

    I had the same problem. I lowered the step and that helped. I have Spondy( my spine shifts forward) so I do not do planks or any hyperextension(cobras, updogs) or push ups. That was ten years ago and I still jump and run and I'm turning 57 in two weeks.