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  1. Bubachick

    Pre-mix question

    Hello Cathe, I was wondering and hoping if a pre-mix option of "floor work and abs" would be on the Boss Bands Glutes and Core, like on the Butts and Guts DVD ? I really love that pre-mix and having another one like it to choose with the new bands and exercises would be awesome!!! Thank you and...
  2. Bubachick

    Land mine workout

    Hi Cathe, I have watched a few workouts with a bar called land mine exercises, I experimented in my room by putting a tennis ball with a cut in it in the corner and inserted the weight bar with some weight on just a small plate to try and it was effective and fun! The angles and range of motion...
  3. Bubachick

    Blast from the past DVD ?

    Dear Cathe, I was just wondering if since it was the 30 th anniversary of Step would you consider making one more compilation DVD of the three workouts that have not yet made it to DVD ? A blast from the past, with Mega Step Blast, How to get in Shape for your Wedding, and Step N Motion 1 ? I...
  4. Bubachick

    Any Canadian Cathletes get DVD's yet ?

    Hi just wondering if any Cathletes in Canada have received their dvd's yet ? I am still waiting, hoping for today ! I am about an hour from the Windsor, Detroit border. I am new to this neck of the woods, but the goodies I ordered with my Cathe calendar only took about a week. I did get a...
  5. Bubachick

    Hardcore Series 2

    I have been looking and liking so many of the suggestions here and thought why not a new Hardcore series with a little something hopefully for every one. 1: Gym styles splits 2: For Low impact fans, Low max step and 3: Kick max with high impact an option or blast...
  6. Bubachick

    Fitbit Versa users and kickboxing

    Hello Cathletes Any one use their Versa while using boxing gloves ? Please let my know your experience, I am thinking of trying to wear it under my gloves while doing Hard Stikes, or Rockout Knockout , etc. Not sure if it is a good idea, hopefully someone has some experience, thanks :) Brigitte
  7. Bubachick

    Fit Tower

    Hello Cathe Not a question for you, I just wanted to say I finally got a Fit Tower last week and I have used it twice already and played around with it Lol !!! I just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying it Brigitte :)
  8. Bubachick

    Thank you and Sticker question

    Thank you Cathe and every one involved from start to finish for the new Fit Tower DVD's, I live in Canada and received them in under 5 days I think that is even counting the week end :) Previewed Total body so far and Love it can't wait to see the others and start doing them all :) My question...
  9. Bubachick

    Late Christmas gift

    Dear Cathe and all Cathe friends, I went to visit my daughter about a week and a half ago at her residence at university, she had come to visit us for Christmas and sadly said " Mom I was waiting for your gift to come in the mail, I didn't think it would take this long from California". ( we...
  10. Bubachick

    Not Ramped up upper body

    Hi I received my dvd's on Wednesday and just started previewing today all look fine except one. On my S&S Ramped up upper body is Everlasting Gospel with Pastor Doug Batchelor, at first I thought it was the tv and then I thought maybe it's an ad before the work out, but that is not like Cathe...
  11. Bubachick

    Help with Pull up Bands

    Hello Cathletes, I'm looking for pull up bands and I have looked on Amazon. There are bands on there ranging from as little as five dollars to well over a hundred. I know you get what you pay for but I'm confused and wondering what you all use. Thank you for any info on this:):) Brigitte:)
  12. Bubachick

    Hi Cathe...Yoga

    Hi Cathe, I love every thing you come up with:) I just hope whatever the next series is you include another yoga dvd!!! Shouting out just incase you are reading these today, arms waving in the air:p Brigitte:)
  13. Bubachick

    Krill oil

    Hello everyone, I have been considering buying some krill oil to take. My little bit of research showed me that Whole Body Research Krill Blend was one of the best on the market. I went to their web site and it is on sale right now, almost half price. From 49.99 to 29.99. Has any one taken...
  14. Bubachick

    STS Stickers

    Hello Cathe and SNM, I was just wondering if I could order STS stickers with my Calender? I could not find them. I was also hoping the double thick yoga mat would have the little green truck for shipping, but it and the other orange one are the only ones that don't:( Brigitte:)
  15. Bubachick

    XTRAIN in Canada

    Yes Yes!!! I love my mail lady, hanging in a shopping bag on my front door nob today was XTrain....... now happy previewing time:):):) I'm in the Wainfleet, Niagara area, any one else find their dvd's today ? This was the fastest delivery for me yet, totally surprised and happy!! Brigitte:)
  16. Bubachick

    ab hits

    Hi, can any one who has ab hits tell me besides the 12 ab work outs listed what the additional 5 ab work outs included are? Is it new bonus ab work filmed for ab hits? Thanks, Brigitte :)
  17. Bubachick

    Stairmasters and Steppers ?

    I was wanting to buy a second hand Stairmaster but along my search came across a Pro Form 3001 STX the picture of it looks nice just like a Stairmaster and has a nice console on it. If any one has one or has used one or even has any kind of info to help me out on this machine please do. I did...
  18. Bubachick

    SNM FBC question

    Hi, are the new FBC products in stores yet? If not will they be soon? Referring to the 4-pound weighted gloves, step mat and 12-20 pound weighted vest. Thanks, Bri:)
  19. Bubachick

    DVD help ....any enablers?

    I would like to order a few dvd's, I have all of Cathe's, all the ripped, Amy's, and I have one Kelly C Meyer step kick box. I have two kettle bells, I thought maybe Lauren Brooks dvd would be good? What are your favorite work or slightly older favorites? Looking for Step, kick...
  20. Bubachick

    SNM ? from a sticker fan

    Hi, I think I read on the forum that there would not be stickers included with the new 2010 calender. I so hope you just mean the extra sticker sheet from previous years. ( I ordered those) Please tell me STS shock cardio stickers will come with the new calender like the two STS sticker...