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    I love step!!!

    If you love step check out cdorner on youtube.....advanced step 138bpm really fun!
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    Holy Walking Butt Cheeks!

    On 90/90's in Mobility Basics my butt is walking.....good thing I got a big matt.
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    Oh my butt!!!

    I did LIS Lower Body Tri sets yesterday......and my butt has been saying ugly things about Cathe all day today.....but I say thank you for the burn Cathe.
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    Well did you get to open your gym in New Jersey?

    Sept. 1st was supposed to be reopening day....I hope so!!! The gyms in my area were only closed about 3-4 weeks. I thought I would die....but...I had you Cathe. I hope you had a good day.
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    Workout bras?

    I've been looking at the She-Fit brand. Anybody used this bra?? Comments, like, don't like?
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    Flex Train!!

    I rediscovered Flex Train this week. I forgot how fun it is. I stopped doing it when I was lifting heavy 4 days a week at the gym.....but now I'm lifting heavy 2 days(at home) and the 3rd day is metabolic....boot camps, phas, and the like....the music is rockin good.....does anybody have the...
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    Happy birthday Cathe!

    I hope you have a blessed day.
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    love'n me some meso 2!!

    I really liked meso 1, but 2 is kick'n my butt. I may never leave. Of course I love 3 too.
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    restarting STS

    After years of lifting heavy at the gym, I decided to revisit STS. Loved it again! I may do the first week each of all the mesos and then the get where I'm going. I just need something different. I also added jump rope tabatas at the end on the upper body days. Short intense...
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    For step lovers only!!!

    Alecia Hip Hop Step Check her out on YouTube....she is teaching to her classes at home.....lots of fun.
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    Just did a Cathe download

    Love me some cardio kickboxing with "Nate the Great". Best download ever!!!
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    Nice lats!!!

    I watched the clip of your live workout and couldn't help but notice that your muscles are bigger. Are you working on something like the Perfect 30??? I hope so. You look great. Whatever you are doing keep it up.
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    Save your junk mail

    Save your junk mail...people are hoarding the toilet paper.....don't use the Census.....stay well everybody!!!
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    Step Sync Fav new moves

    My favorite new move in Step Sync is the stomp around the old move revisited step skip...having so much fun. What's your fav's?
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    I really loving the new step workouts and I really love the mute music button (which I have not used yet). I just love having the option to change the music. What BPM did you use on Step Sync and IMAX4? Thank you for yet another great workout series.
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    Zumba Strong?

    I read in the calendar that you got certified in Zumba Strong, any plans for Strong workouts?
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    Step Sync

    Just watched the clip....I can't wait....going to be FUN!!!!
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    Happy Halloween!!

    What are you Booing for Halloween?
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    backward firewalkers?

    I did backward firewalkers yesterday. I butt is sore today!! Anybody else tried this?
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    birthday download

    I saved my download that I bought in Sept. for today my "B" day. Best present ever!!!!