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  1. Kathy G

    Any plan to enable downloads in the Cathe Live App?

    Hi SNM! Are there any future plans of allowing downloads in the Cathe Live or Cathe On Demand apps? This would enable us to download our favorite workouts to take on vacation when wifi isn't available (or very good, like on cruises or in some hotels). Thanks! Kathy
  2. Kathy G

    Unable to play Legs for Days

    Hi, I've tried to play the latest Cathe Live "Legs for Days" and it stops a few minutes in and gives me an error message. I'm using both Apple TV and the IOS Cathe Live App to access. Is it just me? Thanks! :)
  3. Kathy G

    Who is registered?

    Whew, made it in! Who else is registered? :)
  4. Kathy G

    SNM will there be a Cathe Live step workout tonight 7/29/16?

    Will the Cathe Roadtrip step class be filmed tonight? :)
  5. Kathy G

    Cathe Live Request Please

    Hi Cathe, I would love a "series" where you do "sequential" workouts in a row. It could be "named" similarly so people know it's part of a series: Week 1 - Heavier Upper body (could have barbell/dumbbells) Week 2 - Heavier Lower body (could have barbell/dumbbells) Week 3 - Heavier Total Body...
  6. Kathy G

    Workout Blender & Roku questions

    First I want to say that the Workout Blender is the bomb! I just subscribed to On Demand and Cathe Live (previously just had Cathe Live). I love being able mix and match segments to create my own unique workout. :) Are there plans in the future for the Workout Blender to work on the Roku...
  7. Kathy G

    Cathe Live on Roku?

    Hi, I was wondering if Cathe Live would be available on Roku in the near future. I remember a post that said after the Workout Blender was complete and I'm not sure if that's done yet? It would be so much more convenient to access it on Roku. Thanks! Kathy
  8. Kathy G

    SNM - Trouble with Cathe Live

    Using any Apple device to access Cathe Live is not allowing us to access the "older" videos that have been truncated to the next page. We don't have a "next page" option to access anything previous to 5/22/14. Can this please be fixed ASAP? Thank you!
  9. Kathy G

    (2) 30 minute wkouts per dvd set

    I would love to have a set of dvds from you that had (2) 30 minute complimentary workouts per disc. You could do all kinds of premixes using both workouts to extend the workout time or do each workout alone for 30 minutes. Some dvd combinations that might work together: 1) heavy weight...
  10. Kathy G

    Hiit 40-20 download won't work

    Hi, I bought the Hiit 40-20 download yesterday and I can't get it to play with Quick Time. I bought Pyramid Lower body a few weeks ago and it plays just fine. What am I doing wrong? Thanks, Kathy
  11. Kathy G

    I'm in!!!

    I have been trying to get into the New York City Marathon for the last three years (this was my fourth year and guaranteed!) I just got this email today: "Dear Kathy G, You have received guaranteed entry to the ING New York City Marathon 2011." YaaaHOO! I'm finally in! :) I live in...
  12. Kathy G

    Cyber Monday Special - Cathe Firewalker Bands $8.99 (free shipping)

    Thought I'd pass this great deal along. I just bought Cathe's Firewalker Bands (3 pack) from Dick's Sporting Goods online for $8.99 (with free shipping). The sale is 25% off of one item - plus put in this code for free shipping (FSNOVEMBER)...
  13. Kathy G

    Healthy Chicken Cacciatore

    I "adapted" this from the Biggest Loser website (one of Curtis Stone's recipes). My whole family enjoyed it (which is rare, lol!) I've also made a batch and froze it in plastic containers for lunch. It's chocked full of veggies but you don't really taste them all since they're a part of the...
  14. Kathy G

    New Cathe DVDs in the works? Announcement at the RT?

    I heard a rumor over at VF that there was an announcement at the Glassboro RT for new Cathe workouts? Any more info? :) I'm so excited, yay! :) Kathy G
  15. Kathy G

    What size boxing gloves for MMA Boxing?

    I bought a used Wavemaster freestanding bag off Craigslist this weekend. I need to buy boxing gloves to use with it for the bag workout on MMA Boxing. Do I get 12 oz. or 14 oz.? I definitely think 16 oz. will be too much. I'm looking at these on
  16. Kathy G

    Cathe's weighted gloved - 1 lb. or 2 lb.?

    Does anyone have both the 1 lb. and 2 lb. Cathe weighted gloves? The one lb. has an open palm and the 2 lb. has the closed palm. How comfortable is the closed palm and is it easy to change out the weighted packs in both? I want one to order one pair (and some regular weight gloves) with the...
  17. Kathy G

    Tracey Staehle - Walking Stronger!

    I tried out the cardio premix on Tracey Staehle's Walking Stronger and had a blast! I loved all the different variations she gave for the treadmill...walking backward (yikes, had to go slow on this one) and out and in and out with a squat....side stepping...and finally marching...
  18. Kathy G

    Low Impact Shock Cardio

    Cathe, I'd love to see a sequel to Shock Cardio but with lower impact (but maintaining the intensity). How about: Low impact floor aerobics (with intensity blasts similar to 4DS LIS but without the step). I'd like easy to follow choreography for my two left feet as well. Med ball...
  19. Kathy G

    Really good Crockpot Steel Cut Oats

    I just tried this recipe this morning and it's delicious! It was easy to put in the crockpot the night before and wake up to ready to eat oatmeal. I divided the leftovers into containers to reheat in the microwave later. Crockpot Oatmeal Recipe 1 cup steel cut oats (not instant or rolled...
  20. Kathy G

    Link for 12 Disc Plastic Case here

    I found these 12 disc holders (a ten pack) for a reasonable price. I'm going to order them this week to replace the story book STS holders. With shipping it came to about $20 or $2 each. *scroll to the bottom to see the black 12 disc cases...