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    Fit Tower

    Not sure why but I just went and bought the fit tower. I have the fit tower DVDs and I actually enjoyed the leg/glute one. Haven't tried the others but plan on working those in. Question I have is there a user guide online for the fit tower workouts? Has anyone done a rotation with...
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    Video Clip of 12/8 class

    Did I miss the video clip of the 12/8 class?
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    Kettlebells and Cathe

    I know Kettlebells (KBs) have been talked about on this forum but I am wondering if it would be too much to do a KB workouts one day, and then one of Cathe's strength workouts the next and keep switching. Something like: KB workouts (probably Lauren) Cathe PHA or another total body KB Cathe...
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    ICE Guide

    Thanks Cathe and Crew for getting all the DVDs out. I am still waiting on mine, hopefully today. I know everyone is so busy, but wondering when the guide will be up? I was hoping first thing today but I don't see it yet, so just curious. I know everyone is so busy getting things in order...
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    How to mark forum(s) read?

    I know I have done this but now I cannot figure out how to mark the forum(s) read. Please advise
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    Any new Cathe Live?

    I see the front page hasn't been updated since November 13 and usually this is where I look for new lives. I know there have been a couple after that but wondering if there will be one this week?
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    Cathe Live

    I am wondering if anyone else is having problems getting the videos? I log into my account and there is no videos there. My account was charged the monthly fee thursday but I don't have no videos to see. I have contacted Cathe's support and waiting for an answer but wondering if this is...
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    Metabolic conditioning rotation

    Does anyone have a good metabolic conditioning rotation? Trying to loose some fat and lean out the lower half. Thanks for any suggestions Rhonda
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    Weightloss Challenge Now to Dec 31st - Aug 17th

    Morning everyone, Hope everyone is doing well. My workout this morning was butts/guts Leg Blast premix. Not sure what I think about this one but I was certainly sweating a ton. I will see how my legs feel later today. I don't check in on the weekends as I don't get on the computer...
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    Frustration with weight gain

    Hi Everyone, I am hoping to get some ideas/suggestions. I am on Weight Watchers (WW) and last year lost 35 pounds on the program to get to goal. I stayed and even got well under goal which was great. Ever since the new year I can't seem to get back into it and have put on 6.5 pounds...
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    I am looking to upgrade my spinning bike and wondering if others have heard of Jeff Wimmer of Studio Cycles? I talked with him on the phone and he seems like a nice guy and says he is the guy to call for spin bikes as he tunes them up before sending them out and put a lifetime warranty on them...
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    December 2010 rotation Check in

    Morning everyone, Starting a thread for the december 2010 rotation. It just so happens I started this on Sunday and didn't realize it. I was doing the new workouts and they happen to be in the same order as what Cathe put them in. Let me tell you doing STS TB, Intensity and LBB back...
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    Older Step Workouts

    I posted this also in general discussion but thought maybe I would get more response here - I just did LowMax premix 1 (which was intervals 1-4) and enjoyed it. Wasn't sure I would since I don't really do step anymore. I was wondering if any of the older Step workouts are similar to...
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    Older Step Workouts

    I just did LowMax premix 1 (which was intervals 1-4) and enjoyed it. Wasn't sure I would since I don't really do step anymore. I was wondering if any of the older Step workouts are similar to LowMax? Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks Rhonda
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    STS Meso 3

    Not sure if it is just me but why is Cathe not getting on with it when the breaks are up. this is driving me crazy. I did Week1 Disc3 (shoulders/bi/tri) today and she wouldn't start getting her weights or anything set up til like 5 seconds to go in break and then it would be another 30...
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    Gym Styles

    For those that use the gym style workouts - do you do them in their entirety or do you use the timesaver premix? I am wondering as I am going into my 4th week of Meso 2 and would like to try gym style after it but only have about 45 minutes to workout. Would it be good to do the timesaver...
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    HELP!! Can't get preorder page

    I have gone through the blog and clicked on the click here button to pre-order but it keeps bringing up the page of just information with pre-order August 4th. I can't get anything else. What am I doing wrong or is there another place to go to order? Thanks Rhonda
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    Rotation for the high step DVDs

    I have searched and cannot find anything. Just wondering if there ever was a rotation put together for the high step workouts? Thanks Rhonda
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    STS Check-in Week of 8/30 (for those starting in Sept)

    Here is the new thread for us beginning the STS rotation in September. I figured I would start it now since I know some start the week on Sunday. Here is to STS : ) Rhonda
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    STS in September

    I am thinking of starting STS/HIIT in Sept. Anyone else interested? I figure this would give me time to look back at what I started beginning of the year before I was injured (protruding discs in the neck). Doc says I am able to do what I want now and hope this doesn't happen again. It...