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  1. fitdeb

    Stick Mobility Workouts

    Hi Jane I purchased the 3 stick bundle. You really do need 2 of the longer sticks for many of the exercises. I ordered the 6' and 4' bundle. I am 5'10" so I was right on that borderline. I wish I would have gone with the longer sticks, but once I start seeing clients again, I am anxious to...
  2. fitdeb

    Stick Mobility Workouts

    My new favorite mobility workouts - There are a ton of free workouts on youtube. I got my sticks a couple of weeks ago and have been adding the workouts into my regular rotations. You can do a full mobility workout or just specific targeted stretches. The QL stretch is...
  3. fitdeb

    Fave workout clothes?

    I don't have a favorite brand, but lately I have been buying most of my stuff from either Old Navy or Sierra (on-line). Old Navy's quality can be hit or miss, but they do have great sales and they have tall sizes. At 5"11 with a 36" inseam it is challenging to find bottoms that are long enough...
  4. fitdeb

    New Year's Eve

    Aerial Yoga. Very Cool.
  5. fitdeb

    New Year's Eve

    Happy New Year Hazlady!. We still have about 7 1/2 hours to go. People are too complacent everywhere, IMO. Keep staying safe.
  6. fitdeb

    New Year's Eve

    Every year-end we look forward to the new year to come and to reflect on the year that has passed. No matter what side of "things" you are on, I believe we can all agree that 2020 was, well, a MESS. For some maybe just a "the toilet backed up" kind of mess and for others a "stinking tidal wave...
  7. fitdeb

    Mom Jeans!

    I don't know why jeans are such a mainstay of our wardrobes, considering how much trouble every one has trying to find the perfect pair. I could buy a $10 pair or $100 pair for my husband and they each would fit him the same. Me...not so much. I am 5'11", size 6 with a 36" inseam but normal...
  8. fitdeb

    Mom Jeans!

    For the past 8 months it seems as if all I wear is work out attire (or my pajamas :rolleyes:), so I decided it was time to buy some new jeans. Scrolling through GAPs offerings and what did I find???? Actual MOM JEANS! That's what they are calling them, for real. They are listed as MOM JEANS...
  9. fitdeb

    Mobility Workouts!!

    Check out Tom Morrison. He has some great stuff on mobility - The Simplistic Mobility Method.
  10. fitdeb

    Meniscus Repair Surgery

    Thanks Melissa. The surgeon I am seeing next week will be the second opinion. I am a personal trainer and also an Orthopedic Exercise Specialist so I will be acting as my own PT. Fortunately I am going into this very strong, but I know the road back will be a slow one. It's great to hear of the...
  11. fitdeb

    Meniscus Repair Surgery

    Thanks for the advice. Unfortunately, I have a large flap that has caused the cyst to develop. The doctor was able to "drain" some fluid out of the cyst but not enough to collapse it.
  12. fitdeb

    Meniscus Repair Surgery

    My right knee has been unhappy for months, so I was finally able to get an MRI last week. I have managed to tear my lateral meniscus and have a meniscal cyst! I am meeting with a surgeon next week. Ironic thing is it barely hurts (I thought it was my IT Band). I was being cautious with super...
  13. fitdeb

    Save your junk mail

    I am glad I don't have to go to the gym to get a superior workout.
  14. fitdeb

    Out for delivery!

    arriving tomorrow by 8:00p.m. Some late night "stepping"!
  15. fitdeb

    If you were attending the Daytona Road Trip what question would you ask....

    during the Q&A with Cathe? I would ask "How many workout outfits/clothes do you have and how/where do you keep them?" Considering my personal workout clothing collection is kind of out of control because I hate to get rid of pieces that I really like, plus I really LOVE buying new pieces; I...
  16. fitdeb

    Kneecap arthritis

    Psusoccer17, How are you doing with your recovery from PRP? My husband is going through the process for knee pain. He had PRP several years ago for "tennis elbow" from playing guitar! Worked like a charm, he now is playing guitar daily and lifting heavy. Prior to the injections he couldn't even...
  17. fitdeb

    IMAX 4 Group Shot and Outfits

    Could you please let us know which style of Nike they are wearing? There is a million different variations of sneaker style and it has been a long time since I have purchased "step" sneakers. Thanks Debbie
  18. fitdeb

    What does it mean when someone is "following" you?

    I'm pretty sure that when some one is following you it means that they are interested in what you have to say. So whenever you post something they are alerted and can read what you posted. I follow several people, groups, etc on facebook because I enjoy reading what they have to say. I really...
  19. fitdeb

    Puzzle Mat Flooring

    I've never had that happen. I leave the mats down all the time and cut them to make a snug fit against the walls. They do however "stretch" over time and I have to re-trim the edges to get a snug fit.