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    Basal Thumb joint pain(CMC Joint) advice for gloves & modifications for push ups/down dog, etc.

    Anyone else dealing with this issue? Started very slowly with Cathe's Cross Train/Low Impact 90 day rotation last March after a long layoff due to illness. Cardio, strength and flexibility coming back but by May the CMC pain is increasing. Stopped mt. climbers, etc. did push ups on knees...
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    Grateful - a bit personal & long.

    Hi Cathe and Crew - both in front of the camera and behind the scenes. This new series came at a time in my life when I really needed it. I had another "ding dang" medical issue this past Spring and it set me physically back to square one. I've recovered from injuries before and those were...
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    More just stretching with the new science behind it

    As I get older I find I need to have more stretching but I don't mean after a cool down and a lengthening of the muscles and release of Lactic Acid. I don't have a physical fitness background and don't know what to call it ... but something to add on at the end or do a 40 to 60min on a recovery...
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    Ripped/Hiit is really hard for me ...

    I am embarrassed to admit this but this latest series is really hard for me to keep up with. I can't do the RHiit cardio with another add on cardio from another series to make the workout about an hour. I barely survive the RHiit cardio and the stretch - let alone adding on anything else. I can...
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    Sorry if this is a repeat / missing stretch on premix of Ripped Legs etc

    I had the flu starting the 18th of December and couldn't do any workouts for several weeks due to complications. I had to start with the Ripped rotation very slowly. Twice now when I've done a premix with core work (either one or two) the workout goes into the core work but never returns to the...
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    Ripped Hiit ? Every day ok? Why?

    Hi Cathe - this question is for you or anyone else who can help me understand why it's ok to do Ripped Hiit everyday. I thought it wasn't good to do Hiit or Tabata type workouts more than a few times a week. Is RHiit ok because it's different body parts even thought they are all Hiit? I trust...
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    Active Recovery & Aging/PS Son & STS long

    Hi Cathe ... and anyone else who is in the know about this subject. I turned 61 this past August and have been able to keep up with the monthly Cathe Rotations until this past year. I've downloaded and used Cathe's Monthly rotations faithfully since "hector was a pup". Ok, since I found Cathe...
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    Downloads ? & WM ?

    I've been out of the country for two weeks and I'm wondering if the XT Downloads are out yet? I received my DVD's but no info on the downloads. Did I miss some communication about the Downloads? I've noticed I can't make a XT Undulating Rotation either. Tech-no Tricksters with the Workout...
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    List for Cathe Workouts like the '07 Catalog

    Hi Cathe, I've been doing your workouts since I first discovered you in 2002. You've taken me on a health journey that has lasted for the last 10+ years and I hope for many more. Is there any chance of having a new listing of work out breakdowns that includes all of your workouts? Something...
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    Fractured bone end joint in middle finger advice

    I fell headfirst down some stairs and have a confirmed fracture in my middle finger of my left hand . I see a hand specialist this Wed. I was midway in Cathe's 3 mo LIC/STS rotation and feeling great and now this . :o Any pointers on to to continue my workouts? What are "dumbell hooks?" Colleen
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    Blank black chapter windows in WB

    Quite a few chapters in the WB are blank (from the new Low Impact series) but if I click preview they play in the preview window. Why do I have so many black windows? I'm trying to make a custom mix from the new series but ....:( Colleen PS I reloaded the Workout Blender and now it won't open...
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    substitution for origional Body Max

    Can anyone help with some ideas on how to sub one of Cathe's workouts? I'm doing Cathe's Sept. 2001 rotation and she has Body Max and Body Max 2 in it. I own Body Max 2 and most of Cathe's work since 2003. Any suggestions for a sub for the original Body Max? Would Muscle Endurace work? I have...
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    won't download

    I can't download a rotation into my calendar. I've tried 4 times in the past few days. Is it working? I used to be able to use the WM but now the new one.
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    Recovery time between rotations?

    I'm just finishing Cathe's August '10 rotation and I feel pretty worked over. Would you take a short 5 day break of active recovery before starting her new September '10 rotation? I'm trying to learn how to train hard but wisely. What do trainers advise?
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    How to modify rotations correctly? long

    Hi Cathe, I've been doing (trying) August's rotation & I'm finding it hard for me. In fact since my surgery last year I'm finding all of your monthly rotations hard except for STS. I did your 3 1/2 month STS/Shock Cardio rotation this past Spring and loved it. . Since then I've been trying to...
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    Masters Athletes books?

    Workouts that once were a breeze are now really hard.I have to admit that I think I have arrived at a new stage in my workout life at age 57. I'd love to read up on how to work out as one (hate to say it) ages but still do hard, vigorous workouts. I used to do Cathe's monthly 6 day a week...
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    ?Form for push ups?

    I wonder if I've been doing push ups wrong ( both on knees, & toes).Any recommendations as to where to find info on correct form? I had rotator cuff surgery on my right shoulder last year and it was a long journey back and I was doing great for 8 months but I've now got issues with my left...
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    Cathe rotation to do after STS/Shock Cardio?

    I'm open to ideas to help me choose a new rotation to do after finishing Cathe's STS/Shock Cardio 3 1/2 month rotation. I've done STS 3x since last August and have regained tons of strength after having surgery last May when I had to start all over with my workouts. But .... after finishing the...
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    "A big Hug & Thanks to Cathe & her Team (reposted)

    Hi Cathe, I posted this over in the Open Discussion and Kathryn suggested I re-post my note over here where you might actually see it. :) I tore my supraspunatus tendon last spring and had surgery last May to repair the tendon...
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    A big Hug and and Thanks to Cathe and her Team.

    I tore my supraspunatus tendon last spring and had surgery last May to repair the tendon, remove a bone spur and debraid (sp?) my labrum. I sat in a mechanical chair for 6 weeks and had to wear a sling for 6 weeks. I couldn't start hands on PT until July 1st. I was given the ok to do any...