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  1. Stephie

    Workout Manager Down?

    Never mind. Cleared my history and now it's working. :)
  2. Stephie

    Trouble streaming via Roku

    Dear Cathe and Team, I am a Cathe Live/On Demand monthly subscriber and love this option! (I still own all of your DVDs, I just can't bring myself to not buy them, ;-) ). However, I have been having a LOT of trouble streaming through our Roku lately. Admittedly, I live in Brazzaville, Congo...
  3. Stephie

    Sorry to be leaving....

    Good Morning Cathe! I just did a very sad thing and cancelled my subscription to Cathe Live and OnDemand. I leave to return to Burkina Faso, West Africa this afternoon so I did one more Live workout this morning. I have so enjoyed working out with you in your "house". :-) Next time I'm in...
  4. Stephie

    Cathe Live rotations

    Good Morning Cathletes! I just signed up for Cathe Live and I'm very excited to try these work outs. I'm wondering how you all organize them? I'm so used to following Cathe's monthly rotations. Do you just do them in the order she posts them? Do you alternate cardio and weights? Any ideas...
  5. Stephie

    Workouts while traveling

    Hi Cathe! I am wondering if you would be able to give me a list of your workouts that would be good for people to use when traveling. My husband and I are on the road a LOT and I do my best to keep up a regular workout schedule, including traveling with my mini step topper, water filled...
  6. Stephie

    Trouble Opening Workout Manager

    Hello! For the last several days I have had a lot of trouble opening the workout manager section of the website. Every once in a blue moon it will open to my page but mostly it just sits there. It could be my internet, we don't have very good internet, but everything else I try to load is...
  7. Stephie

    Strong & Sweaty, finally!

    Since I live in Burkina Faso it took a little big longer for my DVDs to find me. They actually arrived while we were traveling to another country so yesterday was my first chance to try one of the workouts. I did Boot Camp and loved it! I just want to give a shout out to Cathe for shipping my...
  8. Stephie

    On Demand Buffering

    Good Morning Cathe and friends, My husband and I live in Burkina Faso and while we have pretty good internet for where we are when I tried the test video for Cathe On Demand it was pausing every second or so to buffer. What I'm wondering is if there's a way to download the video, say the night...
  9. Stephie

    Pentagenarians & Beyond

    Good Morning Ladies, Thanks for letting me join your group! :-) This morning I did RWH LIH1 and X10-Cardio Blast Circuits (or something like that). It went pretty well but I didn't sleep well last night so that made it a little more difficult. Well that and having to get up at 4 am to get...
  10. Stephie

    Prayers for your dad and family

    Hi Cathe, With my new job working nights I haven't been able to get onto the forums as much as I used to. I only just saw the posts about your father having colon cancer. I just wanted to tell you that I'm thinking of and praying for him and your family and I hope that things are going...
  11. Stephie

    Ack!!! I forgot to add the slide & glide discs before I hit checkout.

    Is there anyway I can add them to my order of the Low Impact Series so I don't have to pay shipping on them? Pretty please! :-) Thanks, Steph
  12. Stephie

    Butt Kicks

    Hi Cathe, I just want to tell you that I think Butt Kicks are the most devious things you've come up with. At least, doing them two days in a row first with 40/20 and today with STS #32 was very devious!! :-) Well, that and those sprawl & jabs, and then again there are the one legged...
  13. Stephie

    Oh, me aching back!

    Hi Cathe, I hope that you had a wonderful Easter celebration!! I'm writing because about 2 months ago I strained my sacro-iliac ligament (I'm pretty sure it was from lifting too heavy a weights in STS). Anyway, I've had to back off of weights and only walk the treadmill for aerobics...
  14. Stephie

    Thank you for the recommendation!

    Hi Cathe, I just wanted to take a minute to thank you. A while back you gave me a recommendation to try Ryka Assist XT shoes. I actually managed to squeak out several more months with my shocks using the Superfeet inserts and some gel pads but last week decided enough already, I need new...
  15. Stephie

    Workout Manager question

    Hi Cathe, I just noticed that when I changed my current weight in the workout manager, body log section (or whatever it's called) the BMI calculator is not working. It lists my BMI as pretty much my weight, a little more. Just wanted to let you know. Thanks so much for everything that...
  16. Stephie

    December 2009 Rotation

    Hi Cathe, I hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration and are enjoying this Advent season. I had a quick question, will the December rotation be available to download into our workout manager calendar? I love that feature and use it all the time. Thanks so much! Steph
  17. Stephie

    Yeah, Chicago!

    I'm very excited that you're tour is bringing you to Chicago Cathe! I hope, hope, hope that I can come up from St. Louis and meet you! :-) Yeah!!! Steph
  18. Stephie


    Hi Cathe and educated crowd, OK, I'm only about a month or so from wearing out my last pair of Nike ballos that I stocked up on at Heather's recommendation. I love these shoes, at least my feet don't hurt! I really like the shocks, they seem to help a lot. So, I'm wondering what you all...
  19. Stephie

    Undulating Periodization

    Hello Cathe and educated crowed! :-) I am following the undulating periodization rotation posted by another Cathlete and I really like it. I love the fact that every week the workouts are very different and always challenging. I'm working on cleaning up my diet to try for some more...
  20. Stephie

    Form on bench press

    Hi Cathe, I have a question for you regarding form on bench presses, both flat bench and incline. This morning I did STS disc #25 (I'm starting the undulating periodization that another Catheite posted.) and I noticed that I was only able to bring the barbell down to where my arms were...