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  1. Stephie

    How To Download Your Perfect30 Pre-Sale Downloads

    I ended up hearing right back from customer support. Hopefully you get your codes today!
  2. Stephie

    How To Download Your Perfect30 Pre-Sale Downloads

    Dear Friends! I just have to tell you that Bob with support has already sent me my replacement code!!! This is amazingly fast. Thanks so much!!! Steph
  3. Stephie

    How To Download Your Perfect30 Pre-Sale Downloads

    Shoot! I cannot find my promo code anywhere. I've contacted support but since it's Friday morning I may have to wait until Monday to get my downloads. :-( Steph
  4. Stephie

    Workout Manager Down?

    Never mind. Cleared my history and now it's working. :)
  5. Stephie

    Trouble streaming via Roku

    Dear Cathe and Team, I am a Cathe Live/On Demand monthly subscriber and love this option! (I still own all of your DVDs, I just can't bring myself to not buy them, ;-) ). However, I have been having a LOT of trouble streaming through our Roku lately. Admittedly, I live in Brazzaville, Congo...
  6. Stephie

    Return to CATHE after many years and after brain surgery

    Hi Fitmonkee, I just want to echo what vivbc said, you are a brave and impressive person keeping up with your workouts during chemo, etc. I also echo what she said about ICE and LITE but please listen to your body and don't push too much. Listen to your docs and nurses too, they can help...
  7. Stephie

    On demand down?

    Ah ha! Mystery solved! :)
  8. Stephie

    Video Clip From STEP BOSS Step Sync

    Wow! This will keep me busy for a LONG time learning all of the new choreography. Thanks so much!! This is awesome, as always!!
  9. Stephie

    April 2019 Rotation

    Thanks for always taking the time to put these together!
  10. Stephie

    Would you consider selling Cathe Live individual workouts as downloads??

    This would be great for those of us with poor/expensive internet too! Good idea!
  11. Stephie

    Sorry to be leaving....

    Hi Jennifer, Thanks for thinking of me! :-) Actually, Burkina Faso is in West Africa and we just don't have strong enough internet to handle the LIVE workouts. It would be a frustrating (and expensive) experience of watching the video buffer while trying to workout. LOL But, no worries, I...
  12. Stephie

    Sorry to be leaving....

    Good Morning Cathe! I just did a very sad thing and cancelled my subscription to Cathe Live and OnDemand. I leave to return to Burkina Faso, West Africa this afternoon so I did one more Live workout this morning. I have so enjoyed working out with you in your "house". :-) Next time I'm in...
  13. Stephie

    LITE Project Update 12-31-18

    Looks like I'll miss the physical DVDs but no worries, I'll still be able to do LITE with you all via downloads! Thanks so much for your hard work on this project!! Happy New Year all! Steph
  14. Stephie

    LITE Project Update -12-24-18

    Merry Christmas to you as well!!! Thank you so much for the update. I leave to return to Africa on January 8th and I'm hoping to have the DVDs in my suitcase but I'll be able to use the downloads if that doesn't happen. Either way, I'm so looking forward to these new workouts. Thanks again!!!
  15. Stephie

    Video Clip From Cathe's LITE Bodyweight and Bands Workout

    Yes!!!! With the amount of time that I spend traveling I am always looking for workouts that use minimal equipment. This is going to be perfect! Thanks so much Cathe!!!
  16. Stephie

    Video Clip From LITE Cardio Party

    Love it!!!! I can't wait to do this with you Cathe!!
  17. Stephie

    Dec 6, 2018

    Yeah, it came on around 9:20. How fun to work out LIVE with Cathe!