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  1. CDPotier

    Does anybody know a HRM that works?

    I have had the Polar FT4 for years, and it keeps breaking? Who can help,please?
  2. CDPotier

    I ordered two 2016 calenders mistake

    Dear Cathe, I ordered two 2016 by mistake, and cod you please send me one as I do not need two. I am on a tablet and I cannot get a new password. Please send me only only one calender. Thank you
  3. CDPotier

    Does the small step have to be an add on

    When I moved all my DVD's came with me, but my steps did not.
  4. CDPotier

    How do I change my password to something simpler

    I received one, but I would like to change it to something simpler. Thank you.
  5. CDPotier

    I had not been here a while as in the warm weather it is too hot here.

    I notice that our profiles look different, and I can't find the pictures I had there. Did they get deleted? Could somebody answer, please?
  6. CDPotier

    Who makes the best heart rate monitors

    I just ordered a Polar FT heart rate monitor now. At least it was within my budget.
  7. CDPotier

    The Hunger Games off topic

    Has anybody read the triology? It is meant for young adults, but I think most of us know that adults can read it too. It is about young people who must fight to the death because of a rebel rebellion that took place, and it is also in a fantasy world. The Hunger Games is on Netflix, and I...
  8. CDPotier

    Does your heart rate monitor act weird?

    I have the Polar F4 heart rate monitor, and I do like it. However,today when I was doing upper body weight workout, it said my pulse was 200, which is ridiculous. Does anybody else have a similar problem.
  9. CDPotier

    How do I track my orders?

    I swear that I ordered the 2014 calendar, and I don't know when it comes out. I can't seem to find a confirmation e-mail in my old mail. Cathe, please help.
  10. CDPotier

    More HIIT

    they are wonderful workouts within 30 minutes
  11. CDPotier

    Who else gets tired from her workouts?

    Jumping on and off an 8 inch step, power fifteen's and so on. I even take iron pills.
  12. CDPotier

    I could not get to the chapter menu

    I could not get to the chapter menu of High Reps; I was always able to to before. I don't know what is going on. Thank youl
  13. CDPotier

    Verizon Fios

    What do you do with Verizon? I have no idea how to play a DVD with it. Is anybody able to help me? I called them with no luck. The thought of not working out really upsets me.
  14. CDPotier

    More Hi LO workouts

    I do most them high impact, but I love to do it as an extra workout. I can't wait until my friend buys me a membership for a gym.
  15. CDPotier

    The whackjobs are at it again

    The crazy people downstairs from me have made 8 fake 911 calls on me. They did it last year seven times, and it took the idiot Stagnant Island police an entire week to warn them not to do it again or else they would be arrested. The police here are horrible. My stress level is through the roof...
  16. CDPotier

    Question about weights in Lower Body blast

    I don't know what weight to use during the walking lunges, and I used 30 pounds for the hover squats. I have a bad back and I has to use dumbbells, and the doctor told me never to put a barbell on my back. I have dumbbells up to two twenty pound ones. Could somebody help me with this, please?
  17. CDPotier

    Where is the yellow band that Cathe uses

    Where is the yellow band that cathe uses fof high reps? I have a yellow band, but it is too short. Thank you.
  18. CDPotier

    How do I get rid of a photo album

    How do I remove a photo album from my profile. I go to the Control Panel, but I don't see any options for it? Thank you,
  19. CDPotier

    I am sick of working out at home

    Gym memberships are expensive, and I don't have a car now. My dear daughter had too many accidents with my cars for me to be able to afford the insurance. I guess sometimes you have to force yourself.
  20. CDPotier

    I thought I saw two pound weighted gloves

    I am the one complaining that my heart rate does not go up enough in kickboxing, and I wear one pound weighted gloves. Where did the two pound weighted gloves go?