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  1. lakelady56

    Forearms and hands

    As I'm getting older, I've developed arthritis in my hands and fingers and I want to use exercises to help. I know that Cathe does some exercises that specifically target forearms and hands, like reverse curls and the one where you open your fingers and let the weight roll down to your...
  2. lakelady56

    Workout Clothes

    Has Cathe said where she got the clothes and shoes the crew wears in the Perfect30 series?
  3. lakelady56

    On Demand and Live suggestion

    I am really enjoying these, but it would be easier if we could sort the weight workouts by body part. Thanks!
  4. lakelady56

    Need to us Cathe for lower body Physical Therapy

    Since I can't stand looking at a piece of paper and counting reps when I workout, I would like to make a Cathe PT workout using the Workout Blender. I am mainly using To The Mat: Legs & Glutes, but I am having trouble finding which DVDs contain firewalkers, "pizza press", and clamshells. I...
  5. lakelady56

    Coupon expired!! I need help!

    I started downloading the new workouts yesterday. I got High Reps downloaded, but my computer froze while trying to get Intensity. I decided to use the Free Download Manager, but when I went back to click on the links, it said my coupon had crashed. HELP!!!!
  6. lakelady56

    video won't import

    I am still having this problem that others have described: When I try to drag the file from my itunes movies to the workout blender, the files will not import. I see the red number 1, but the files will not import A window pops up that says-"importing files- please do not move your original...
  7. lakelady56

    30 pounds overweight

    Cathe, This is kind of a strange question, but I'll ask anyway. If I am 30 pounds overweight, shouldn't I count the extra body weight when I select weights for lower body work? It seems to me that the effect should be the same as wearing a 30-pound weighted vest. In the same vein, as I lose...