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  1. susanzabo

    What is your favorite circuit workout?

    Hi everyone, I recently hurt my shoulder so I need to ease back into upper body weights. My chiropractor recommended just doing 1 set of each exercise instead of the normal 2-3 sets, but he doesn't understand that I just do what's in a DVD ;) I was geared up to start STS May 1st, but I...
  2. susanzabo

    Question for fellow Troy Lite Barbell owners

    Hi, I just bought the barbell a couple of weeks ago. It ships with 35lbs of plates and I am assuming the bar itself weighs 5 lbs. What is the total weight capacity of this bar? Can I add more than the 35lbs? What is the most of you have loaded on it? Thanks for your help. Susan
  3. susanzabo

    How can Cardio Core Circuit only have a MET value of 7?

    I haven't done it yet but it looks TOUGH! The MMAs have 7.5. Does that seem correct? Or maybe I don't understand MET values, which is entirely possible. Susan
  4. susanzabo

    What brand of green tea?

    Hi I have seen numerous posts refer to "high quality green tea." What brands are considered high quality? Thanks!
  5. susanzabo

    Workouts with the best ab work

    Good morning everyone, I was wondering which of Cathe DVDs have the best add-on ab workouts (this is excluding her ab/core focused DVDs) I always gravitate to the Butts and Guts ab work probably because I am most familiar with it. I like the main ab work with the hand weight and ankle...
  6. susanzabo

    Will the workout blender work for DVDs

    Hi, I have most of Cathe DVDs, so buying the downloads is not an economically wise choice. Is there a way to copy the DVDs to my computer and use the workout blender to combine workouts? If not, may I request this be something that considers? I would be willing to pay for the...
  7. susanzabo

    Pre-workout meal/snack

    Hi everyone, HAPPY FRIDAY! Here I am again, looking for some help. I am an early morning exerciser. During the week I am up at 5am usually starting the DVD by 5:20. Because of this, I never eat before I exercise. It has always worked for me and since working out later isn't an option...
  8. susanzabo

    What podcasts do you listen to?

    Hi, Believe it or not I am finally entering the world of podcasts. Previously I listened to audio books but in the last couple of weeks I have been listening to podcasts. The amount of content is completely overwhelming. What podcasts do you regularly listen to? Even though I am not...
  9. susanzabo

    What do you do on your "rest" week

    I have yet to do my 1 rep max test, so I won't be starting for a while. I think I will start the 3 month LIS/STS rotation around May. I am a planner and like to have a game plan well in advance. What do you do for your rest week? I know the rotation I mention above says yoga or stretching...
  10. susanzabo

    Circuit Blast, MMA series Opinions?

    Hi, I want to get some opinions on Circuit Blast and the 3 DVDs in the MMA series. These have very mixed reviews on and contain the most negative reviews I have seen for any Cathe DVD. Please give me your honest opinion so I can make the best purchase decisions. Are the...
  11. susanzabo

    A good substitute for running

    Hi, Many of the rotations include a day of running. I am not a runner, and have no intention of becoming one. Do you have any recommendations on DVDs that would be a good substitute? Since running is pretty much steady state, I would assume IMAXs would be a no go, or maybe not and any...
  12. susanzabo

    Weights after Afterburn and Athletic Training?

    Hi, Just wanting to get some opinions. Can you do weights the day following Afterburn, AT or any other circuit workout (like High Step Challenge, cardio and weights, etc). I am of the opinion it's not a good idea if you have any type of soreness the next day. But after my first time of...
  13. susanzabo

    Why is NJ so popular?

    Just curious why NJ seems more popular than Chicago? Although there are more slots available, it didn't seem to reach 105 nearly as fast. I will be going to the Chicago one since that's where I live but I want to know what I'm gonna miss. :-( Susan
  14. susanzabo

    What to wear to work out on the RT?

    Hi - What's good workout attire on these road trips? At home, I work out in a bra top and shorts. Will I be out of place? Are most people throwing on a tank over their sports top? If yes to the tank.. any advice on what kind? Or do I just pick up some cheap things at Target for that...
  15. susanzabo

    What else is like Afterburn or Athletic Training

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE these workouts, they kick my butt (afterburn more than AT) and I love how I feel when I finish them. Today I did AT for the first time, but since I like to work out at least 60 minutes, I did 2 consecutive rounds of the step. Probably should have saved the 2nd step for the...
  16. susanzabo

    A good add-on after Total Body Trisets Lower Body?

    Hi, I am looking for a good add-on to the end of Total Body Trisets Lower Body premix. I think that mix is about 40 minutes. I like to work out 60-90 minutes and was thinking of adding on Turbo Barre Lower body (which I haven't done yet) but I think it might be overkill. I can do Cathe's...
  17. susanzabo

    HELP! I need to make a decision about this Chicago Road Trip

    Hi everyone, Help me decide what to do. I have never considered going before but I am from the Chicago area and this is too close for me to give it some serious consideration My concerns/questions: 1. I don't know any other cathletes... is it going to be awkward for me to go without...
  18. susanzabo

    Are there any other good step workouts not by Cathe

    Hi- I have most if not all of Cathe's step DVDs and I find her routines are perfect for me - not too dancy. I have tried some by Amy Bento and I find myself tripping all over myself. I also tried one by Seasun Zieger (Stepping Up with Seasun Zieger) and did very little before giving up. I...
  19. susanzabo

    Squat modifications due to low back pain (due to herniated discs)

    Hi Everyone, I posted this question on the "ask Cathe" forum as well, but not sure if the masses read that forum..... I recently purchased STS and am concerned about the heavy weights for squats. I have very bad discs in my low back (had surgery at 26 and have put off another surgery for...
  20. susanzabo

    What modifications can I do for squats due to low back issues (herniated discs)

    Hi Cathe! First of all, I just want to thank you for your DVDs. You have truly changed my life, and my physique. I feel like I know you since I see you about 5 times a week :-) I recently purchased STS and am concerned about the heavy weights for squats. I have very bad discs in my low...