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    Monthly rotations

    I have been doing the monthly rotations for some time, and appreciate the fact that my daily workouts are planned out for me. However, it seems we are left with a few days on our own come the first of the new month because the rotation has not been posted. I know it's a lot of work to put...
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    Premix Problem in Workout Manager

    The rotation for Thursday, April 5th was Hiit 40/20 and upper body weight portion of Body Max 2. However, when I try to log in the premix for the upper body portion of Body Max 2 into my workoujt manager, it is not an option! The closest thing is called Double Upper body which not the same...
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    Patent Pending Equipment

    I was wondering when your pull up/chin up bar was going to be made available for purchase. I am anxious to buy one and have it when my STS tapes arrive:rolleyes: