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  1. serene_46

    April 07 Rotation -HELP I can't retrieve it!!

    Hello all, I have tried the link for the April 07 rotation and I keep getting a message that the server is taking to long to respond. Does anyone have this particular rotation written out?? I would like to start this rotation in a week, so any help from the cathe nation would be much...
  2. serene_46

    H1N1 WARNING:I got the vaccine 4 weeks ago and I was just diagnosed with H1N1!!

    I work at a health care facility and recieved the regular flu vaccine about 6 weeks ago and the H1N1 about 4 weeks ago. I was exposed to someone who had the H1N1 flu and notified my supervisor immediately (Monday Afterernoon). The current protocol for situations like this is to monitor...
  3. serene_46

    Insanity Party Sunday September 20

    Good Morning Y'all I hope everybody is having a great weekend. Jennifer: How does it feel to be finished? It's hard to believe we have been at this 2 months Sandra: Insanity on top of your schedule would be grueling to say the least. A little comfort from some friends every now and then...
  4. serene_46

    Insanity How Y'all Doin' Sept 7. 2009

    Looks like everyone is enjoying a great Labor Day. Today I did Cardio Abs and MIC ending everything a happy sweaty heap of energy!! These workouts are definitely getting easier, still a challenge, but easier. I actually was able to do the entire cardio abs without a break... doing that first...
  5. serene_46


    Good morning Insanitinas!!! I just completed Max Interval Circuit and all I can say is WHEWWWWWWWW!!! I am looking forward to improving in this workout. My whole body was trembling by the last circuit. I could barely get half of the full body drills done the secound round of the last...
  6. serene_46


    Hi Everyone! Holy toasted triceps!!! I just completed Disc 36 Shoulders biceps triceps. The shoulder and bicep weights were very challenging but I was able to do all repettitions. Triceps, however, bit me good. I struggled with the 3rd and 4th sets on the second and third groupings. I...
  7. serene_46

    STS FIT CHICKS Monday April 27

    Good Morning Everyone!! This is a very busy week at work so I am squeezing in my workouts werever I have time. I did Disc 31 Chest and Back on Saturday and Disc 32 Plyo Legs yesterday ( for cardio). I can't believe we are almost finished with this program! I know I will miss the structure...
  8. serene_46

    STS Fit Chicks Friday March 20

    Hello all, I did week 2 of meso 2 Back and biceps late yesterday afternoon and I feel good this morning. As I was putting on my workout top I noticed I am getting a more defined taper in my lats and my shoulders and arms are really starting to show definition (without doing one of the...
  9. serene_46

    STS FitChicks March 11

    Good Morning EVeryone! HOLY COW!!! I am sore today. I did DIsc 14 yesterday afternoon and then taught a group fitness class last night. This morning I could barely get out of the car after my 1 hour commute to work. I got halfway out of the seat and had to sit back down and try again...
  10. serene_46

    Editing My Info in Workout Manager

    Is there a way to edit my information in the WM? I put my height/weight in cm/Kg (I couldn't determine how to input in pounds/inches) It would be so much easier for this metric challenged person! TIA... Brenda
  11. serene_46

    Medical Illustrations: AWESOME

    What a fantastic idea.... We all know STS will stand alone as THE world class weight lifting/ strength program. What a marvelous idea to show the participant exactly what an exercise is doing to the heads of the muscle. An educated trainee is less likely to suffer injuries and more likely to...
  12. serene_46

    Fabulous Customer Service

    Cathe I just have to commend your whole organization on fabulous customer service and support. I mistakenly thought I had ordered 4DS several weeks ago and emailed customer service regarding the order. I got a very prompt and curteous response explaining a search had been done in 2 different...
  13. serene_46

    Blog: UPS Truck

    I love the blog update!! I told my husband (who is a UPS driver) to be prepared for a busy week when the shipments start. He replied that I am single handedly keeping our UPS driver employed with all my Cathe orders, then he quickly added that he loved what the workouts were doing for my 46 year...