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  1. SunKissed

    Anyone a physical therapy assistant?

    PTA Hi there, I am a PTA in Maine. I graduated last May. I am currently working in a SNF and in an out patient clinic right now as a per-diem employee. The program is tough but well worth it. If you have any specific questions I would be more than happy to answer them. It is an associate,s...
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    Tosca Reno Bankrupt RKP

    I noticed in the last issue that every other page was an advertisement. Sad
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    I just finished the 5 cycles and abs premix. I love this series! Great job Cathe!!!
  4. SunKissed

    Thoughts please

    I tried to get the instructor discount through feel fit wear and even though I am currently certified but not working as an instructor because I'm in school she won't give me the discount. Do you think thats fair?
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    Thanks Girlie!! Miss you!
  6. SunKissed


    Anyone know of any good sites to buy fitness t-shirts? The ones that are similar to the "Real women Sweat" phrases.
  7. SunKissed

    What is it with Pullups?

    I hear ya sista! I hate pull-ups too. It just amazes me to watch Cathe do them in the STS dvd's. I would love to hear how she worked her way up to doing them like that and if she still can.
  8. SunKissed

    everyone should know about this

    Wow! Thank you so much for sharing this website.What a SAD country we live in
  9. SunKissed

    Great book

    I was bored yesterday so I went into to Borders to find something to read. Of course I wen t to the fitness section and found "fit + female" "the perfect fitness and nutrician game plan for your unique body type". I'm having such a hard time getting my pper body defined. This book has a test to...
  10. SunKissed

    Legit websit?

    Does anyone know if this site is legit? I'd like to by insanity but I of course don't want a bootleg set. Has anyone ever ordered from this site or know anything about it?
  11. SunKissed

    HIIT every day?

    Take it from me. don't do HITT everyday. It puts alot of stress on the joints and bones. All that jumping caused a stress fracture in my foot and then my foot rolled off to the side in a flat sandle and broke. Give your body some time to heal and recover!
  12. SunKissed

    Happy Birthday LauraMax!

    Happy Birthday Girlie!! Hugs!!!
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    Security problems on this site?

    Yeah, I'm getting it too.
  14. SunKissed

    Couture Active wear

    There are some really cute stuff on sale on her website. Really cheap prices and great quality.
  15. SunKissed

    Kickbox bag workouts?

    Hi there, I got wavemaster for xmas and need some workout dvds. I have Cathe's and Amy's. Does anyone know of any other good ones?
  16. SunKissed

    New Tracie Long workouts begin shipping TODAY!

    Yeah I went to order them and the shipping is about 14 dollars! What the heck?
  17. SunKissed

    Jai Rocks!

    I agree too, I bought those black shorts with the blue lines she is wearing and wow your one's legs have to be almost perfect to pull them off. And she does!!
  18. SunKissed

    Look what I found....

    I remember those outfits! Too funny! That just tells you how long you've been putting out the best workouts available. Thanks Cathe!!
  19. SunKissed

    I'm healed!

    I just got back from my foot doctor and he said my foot is healed! I'm sooo excited! I have some time to work on getting my endurance back before the new workouts arrive! I will try not to break it again before the next roadtrip! lol!!!
  20. SunKissed

    Weak hamstrings?

    Thanks for your advice! It's strange because I do tons of hamstring work. I have shape in them they won't keep up with my quads. I guess I'll have to just kick it up a notch! I missed you at the roadtrip too Laura. I saw you in some pics though and you look great! I think you are way too hard on...