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  1. Boingo1

    Are there any Core focused Rotations?

    Or does anyone have any ideas what workouts, besides specific Ab bonuses, they focus on core strength?
  2. Boingo1

    Xtrain Question on Clam Shell Exercise

    Hi Cathe! I can't even say how much I am in love with Xtrain so far!! Thank you!! My question is , I did the Clam Shell exercise on Legs today. I have the biggest issue with exercises where I'm using my arm/shoulder for support. I end up getting too much discomfort in my shoulder. (Which...
  3. Boingo1

    Crazy Strong and Loving It Weekend 2/18+19

    I came by yesterday and there was no thread started, SO, I was going to come back and post , but I never got back! Should have just started the thread , like today! Yesterday I subbed for P90X Legs & Back. That one sure is getting "boring". So I did NONboring Cathe's Butts & Guts, Standing...
  4. Boingo1

    Crazy Strong and Loving It, Monday, 2/6

    Hi Girls! Read the posts from the weekend. Debbie: So sorry to hear about your continued issues with your shoulder and upper back. I'm glad you are seeing someone too. Too bad it's in 2 weeks! Good idea to take it easy until then. Let us know how things go. :( And how the roller exercises...
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    Crazy Strong and Loving it for Weekend 2/4 & 2/5

    Thought I'd start us off. Where is our Belinda? I haven't been around either. Been feeling really crappy/extremely fatigued the last 3 days. I can not shake it! I have done my workouts though. Gotta! I did Yoga X on Thursday (ALL 92 minutes of it!) and yesterday I did P90X Legs and Back...
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    Crazy, Strong and Loving It for 12/28

    I guess I'm starting us off today! :) I did LIS: Total Body Trisets, the total body premix for 86 stinkin' minutes! Holy cow, that was LONG! Got a little "bored" at the end, but I stuck it out. Nora: Yes, don't push yourself beyond what you should. 40/20 was a LOT yesterday! Take care...
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    Crazy, Strong and LOVING it! for 5/19

    Hi everyone!!! Gosh, I miss Belinda starting off our threads with her workouts!!! Check in soon, Belinda!! Hope your travels are safe and going well... Today was cardio. DOMSing in my legs from Meso 2 Leg Trisets yesterday! But i did Turbo Fire's HiiT 30! Not sure if I did this one...
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    Crazy, Strong and Loving It! for Wednesday, 5/11

    Hi Girls!!! Quick start , I'm out the door to go to the mall with my mom! Back to Meso 1 today for me and it was legs!!! :eek::eek: YOWZA! That got in there good! Love to hate the band work as the bonus!!! Have a great workout girls!! Will try to BBL!
  9. Boingo1

    CraZy, StRonG and LoVing It for 5/6

    Guess it's me starting us off! :eek: I'm about to go out for a run at the park. I want to run BEFORE my leg barre workout and see if I can run longer. I'll BBL to report in!!!
  10. Boingo1

    Is there a 3 month Undulating Rotation?

    Or is it just for one month? I'm currently on week #1 of Cathe's Undulating STS Rotation, but realized, there's only 4 weeks in it. I am loving it and wish there were more or could I just follow it for 3 more months?
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    Thanksgivind Day Intensity...Who's In?

    I thought I had read somewhere (FB?) that Cathe was going to do Intensity on Thanksgiving Day! I can't seem to find the thread or the post. So here's a new one! Who's in???? :eek: P.S. I apologize for the typo in my title! HATE when that happens!
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    *~*JULY 10 Check In for Wednesday, the 7th~*~*

    Good Morning Everyone! Another hot day here. I kind of like it! It's summer! And Greg found me a big raft to float on in the pool, how can I NOT like it? The boys were in the pool until dark last night. They're liking it too. The only BAD thing? I'm getting NOTHING done around the house...
  13. Boingo1

    ~*~JULY 10 Check In for Tuesday, the 6th~*~

    Hey girls! Just starting us out today. ON tap for me is TURBO FIRE 55 EZ class. I'm going to be drenched, i know! Planning on a fun afternoon in the pool. I can only hope fights don't erupt as they usually do. LOL! BBL! gotta get some breakfast!
  14. Boingo1

    ~*JULY 10 CHECK IN for 4th Of July Weekend, 3rd, 4th AND 5th~*~*

    Hey girls! Thought i'd just do an XL long thread for the XL weekend! I would like Saturday mornings SO much better if I didn't have to get my teen ager out of bed early to do his papers. AND have to do his papers with him! Argh! Today's workout is TURBO FIRE HiiT 20 minutes. I like that...
  15. Boingo1

    ~*~JULY 10 Check In for the 2nd~*~

    Hey girls! Just starting us off. Another "lazy" summer morning. LOL!. Seriously, I don't know where I got the idea summer would be lazy. Not happening here! Today I'm going to to TURBO FIRE 45 Class (my first time with this one) and 4DS Bi's and Tri's! BBL after I feed the kitties!
  16. Boingo1

    ^^JULY 10 Check In for the 1st!!^^

    Holy moly, how did it get to be the 1st of JULY?!?! Rabbit Rabbit! Got up late, so I'll BBL after I eat some breakfast to chat!
  17. Boingo1

    JUNE 10 CHECK IN for WEDNESDAY, the 30TH

    :( I miss Kathy already!!! Today on tap for me is Turbo Fire's FIRE 30 CLASS. And I also have lower body to do, but I don't really feel like 4DS. I think I might try to get something from Butts & Guts.! Had a crappy night of sleep. Zach was up late (as usual), but he also was sleep walking...
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    Does anyone remember the Cathe TV episode

    Where she did different drills, in between and through cones, in a big gym? I've been trying to find it and can't!
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    JUNE 10 Check In for Tuesday the 8TH

    Good morning, Girls! My alarm went off at 3:43a, I was up at 3:45a! :eek: Oddly , I felt awake! Maybe I should do this more often. Actually I'm starting to feel a little tired now, now that I'm sitting. I'll have my iTouch with me, but will probably only be able to do Facebook, if I...
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    ~*~*MAY 10 Check in for MONDAY, the 10th~*~

    TOO funny I'm starting the thread at 2:30 this afternoon! LOL! I guess Kathy isn't home yet? Beth went to her mom's? Hottie and Joanne are busy? I'm recovering from a VERY tough night at work. Had a confused patient that kept me busy. Kind of sucked. I'm a little foggy this afternoon, that...