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  1. rhbrand

    Getting SOOO excited for the new workouts!

    I mean I was excited but seeing clips, OMG! They look SOOO good. Love the heavier weights and slower pace of the weight workout. And that stretch/mobility! I think that's the one I'm looking forward to the most! I just can't wait!
  2. rhbrand

    Favorite workout shoes

    The Rykas I've been using for a couple years for areobics, step and metabolic style workouts are finally breaking down. Time to get new shoes. What kind of shoes do you ladies all like?
  3. rhbrand

    STS Check in

    Just getting this started for those of use who will be starting STS on Dec 1 I'm Rhonda and I've never actually done a full rotation of STS and I want to change that. So, I'm starting Dec 1
  4. rhbrand

    Anyone starting soonish?

    Thinking of starting Dec 1. I've had STS since the beginning and never ever made it through the whole thing. I want to be able to say I did it. Thought if maybe someone was starting soonish, we could cheer each other on. And the more the merrier too.
  5. rhbrand

    Any other Peloton riders here?

    I'd love to have some other people who love Cathe to follow. I'm planning on doing a challenge in Aug on the Peloton power zone, and 1-2 days a week of Cathe lifting. I'm betting that will whip me into better shape. I'm RBrandRN on the leaderboard! I'll follow anyone here!
  6. rhbrand

    Lost all my healthy mojo

    I don't know what happened. I came back from being sick/having food poisoning earlier in the month, and I just can't get back on the healthy wagon. I've not worked out in 2 weeks, my eating has dissolved into just crap. I need someone to come to my house, and basically help me get restarted...
  7. rhbrand

    Anyone getting ansy for updates?

    I know I am. I'm ready to start seeing the filming of the new series. I'm getting kind of ansy here. Come on Cathe, throw us a bone!!!
  8. rhbrand

    Take up less space

    Some of your workouts just take up SO MUCH SPACE. I mean you move from one side of a very large gym space to the other. A lot of people are working out in smallish living rooms, or smaller spaces. I'm very lucky to have a pretty nice gym, with a bigger space to workout in, but it would be...
  9. rhbrand

    Need recs for a good spin bike for home

    I've got an OLD Johnny G spin bike. Its ok, but not in the best shape anymore as its been moved around a lot, used, slightly abused by my kids who used/played on it a little, and I'm looking for an upgrade. I'd like to keep the cost to $1500 or so. Thanks.
  10. rhbrand

    I'd like to see

    A couple things. One a workout or two using a bosu. Just got one, and I'd love to see what you can do with it. Two, I'd love to see something like Pure Strength or Gym Styles. Just pure weights, no cardio mixed in. Simple weights.
  11. rhbrand

    Any place to buy Cathlete tank tops?

    I've seen a few people with Cathlete tank tops on Instagram and I've looked a little for one, but I can't find one Does anyone know if there is a place to buy a Cathlete tank top? I prefer tanks esp in the summer as its kind of warm in my home gym. Thanks in advance.
  12. rhbrand

    Gliding on rubber mats, HELP!!!

    I have a nice home gym set up. We put down horse stall mats, cause its in the 3rd garage bay in our garage, and the stall mats are great over the concrete floor. But I can't use my gliders. They don't glide worth a darn on that rubber. Neither do paper plates, or they just get shredded on...
  13. rhbrand

    So, how many pair of workout shoes do you have lol

    I love Cathe Live. And one reason I love it, is all you awesome outfits and shoes! How many pair do you have? I'm so envious of all your workout shoes!
  14. rhbrand

    I feel stupid

    I'm following a few fitness You Tubers. I joined the group for one of them. It's a paid thing, but oh you get all this info, a private group, workouts blah blah blah. So being a fan, and reading the hype, I joined. I feel kind of stupid. The info isn't much more than what's on her...
  15. rhbrand

    Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle

    I found it way in the back of the closet in what is now my workout room. My word, I'd forgotten I even had the book lol. I know I read it, and started the program, or at least the eating, and kind of remember getting the flu which threw everything out the window. So, who has read it and who...
  16. rhbrand

    Turbo tower question

    Any chance that it will ever be available again? I'd really like to get one, but so far, they are impossible to get cause they are not available. I'd sure get one if you sold them again.
  17. rhbrand

    You favorite paper workouts

    Just wondering what some of your favorite paper lifting workouts are. I liked New Rule of Lifting for Women, until the later stages when it took forever to get a workout done. I quit. I've got Beautiful Badass from Nia Shanks, but sadly, never done it. Also have the original Turbulence...
  18. rhbrand

    I would love Slow and Heavy 2

    I love Slow and Heavy and would love to see a Slow and Heavy 2! I bet that would be amazing!
  19. rhbrand

    Just signed up for Cathe Live

    And I can't wait to do my first workout on it tomorrow!
  20. rhbrand

    Anyone use Beachbody on demand?

    Just wondering. Not sure if I want to think about signing up or not. Of course first I need to sign up for Cathe.