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  1. ATC1986

    Weight Plates?

    Where is the best place to buy plastic weight plates? I love the few that I got when I purchased Les Mills Pump and am looking for the same kind. It also looks similar to the ones used on Cathe Live videos.
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    Kettlebell weights?

    I've been looking into kettlebells. What are some of your favorite DVDs?
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    Does anyone else have a pitiful tuck jump!?

    This 6'2" gal has a pitiful tuck jump as well! I've never been able to get my knees high for fear of not getting my feet down in time. We all struggle with something, right?
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    Thank you so much!
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    I just pre-ordered! So excited for filming to begin and the fall to get here! I have never pre-ordered DVDs from - fairly new cathlete here. I don't see the charge on my card yet. Will it show up within the next 24 hours or when it ships?
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    Announcing Cathe's Next DVD Series - Ripped with HiiT™

    So glad DVDs are available! My internet connection is so hit and miss - more miss. I'm so excited about this new series!
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    Starting over at 48

    Be sure to modify modify modify. A torn meniscus is a relatively simple and easy surgery to recover from. But I understand you may not be interested in it at this time. Just start small with your road to better health. Concentrate on doing a few things better daily (nutrition, exercise...
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    Ever been that sore?

    My calves are on fire and hurt after an insanity workout! This DOMS has gone on for 2 days now. Any supplements or remedies for DOMS this bad?
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    Thanks for the input. I have so much articular joint damage from joint laxity. I'll be looking into some of these recommendations. Do y'all ever cycle these supplements?
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    Does anyone take this supplement regularly? I have bad joints for being only 28 and am considering taking this supplement. How long did it take for you to notice if it was working? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  11. ATC1986

    Achilles tendinopathy - help!

    Get you some Dixie cups and fill 3/4 of the way with water and freeze. You'll just massage that over your Achilles and peel the cup as needed.
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    Achilles tendinopathy - help!

    As an athletic trainer, I treat many many athletes with Achilles problems. You got new shoes, but did you get proper inserts to correct alignment? I see that problem often. In all actuality, it takes time. I tell my athletes that they need to be doing wall stretches for a minimum of 3 minutes at...
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    Cardio leg blast=ankle sprain

    Yep. And if you haven't started taking NSAIDS (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), Ibuprofen is a wonderful stacking drug. It's best to take it every 6-8 hours for a few days for best results.
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    Cardio leg blast=ankle sprain

    Make sure you elevate it above your heart if it's swollen. You'll be back to working out soon enough! :)
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    Best Flat Iron

    I love my GHD personally. I've had it for 5 years and it's still as good as day 1. I've owned 2 CHIs and they both broke after about a year. Folica has really good prices and sales from time to time.
  16. ATC1986

    Nutrition Resources?

    My goal is weight loss. I've managed to keep off about 30 lbs, but still have a lot left to lose.
  17. ATC1986

    Nutrition Resources?

    I've come to the realization of just how little I know about proper nutrition. What are some of your favorite resources on how to eat better?
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    Patella Tendonitis?

    As an athletic trainer, I treat a lot of patella tendonitis. You'll want to do ice massages 3x a day. Freeze a Dixie cup that's about 2/3 full and tear away the excess cup as needed. Massage for ~7 minutes. Use a bit of pressure when doing these. Rest is also important. You should see...
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    Christmas List Help

    Another vote goes to X-Train. I just started the 90 day rotation and am seeing great results - granted, I have a bit more weight to lose than most.
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    Bloated feeling

    I'll definitely start trying to eliminate sugar. What are the benefits of acv when you drink it?