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  1. SunKissed


    I just finished the 5 cycles and abs premix. I love this series! Great job Cathe!!!
  2. SunKissed

    Thoughts please

    I tried to get the instructor discount through feel fit wear and even though I am currently certified but not working as an instructor because I'm in school she won't give me the discount. Do you think thats fair?
  3. SunKissed


    Anyone know of any good sites to buy fitness t-shirts? The ones that are similar to the "Real women Sweat" phrases.
  4. SunKissed

    Great book

    I was bored yesterday so I went into to Borders to find something to read. Of course I wen t to the fitness section and found "fit + female" "the perfect fitness and nutrician game plan for your unique body type". I'm having such a hard time getting my pper body defined. This book has a test to...
  5. SunKissed

    Legit websit?

    Does anyone know if this site is legit? I'd like to by insanity but I of course don't want a bootleg set. Has anyone ever ordered from this site or know anything about it?
  6. SunKissed

    Couture Active wear

    There are some really cute stuff on sale on her website. Really cheap prices and great quality.
  7. SunKissed

    Kickbox bag workouts?

    Hi there, I got wavemaster for xmas and need some workout dvds. I have Cathe's and Amy's. Does anyone know of any other good ones?
  8. SunKissed

    I'm healed!

    I just got back from my foot doctor and he said my foot is healed! I'm sooo excited! I have some time to work on getting my endurance back before the new workouts arrive! I will try not to break it again before the next roadtrip! lol!!!
  9. SunKissed

    Weak hamstrings?

    Hey everyone and Cathe! I was just wondering why my hamstrings are so much weaker than my quads. I can do 25lbs 12-15 times on the leg extention (single leg) and only like 12lbs for 12reps (single leg) on the lying hamstring curl. Is that normal? I train my legs pretty evenly regularly...
  10. SunKissed

    Submiting a ticket

    I'm trying to sumit a ticket but it keeps saying the e-mail address already exists. I want to cancel my order so I can use a different credit card.
  11. SunKissed

    Which protein to use

    Hi Cathe! I was just wondering what your opinion was about the metals in the protein powders. Do have any suggestions about which ones are safe(r) to use? I love Muscle Milk but it was at the top of the list. Thanks in advance!!
  12. SunKissed

    Down load prob

    I down loaded to itunes and when I click on the disk I want, a message pops up saying the movie cannot be used because the original file cannot be found. would like to locate it, and when I click yes I can't find it. Any suggestions?
  13. SunKissed

    Down load prob

    Hi Chris, I down loaded shock cardio and it got saved to itunes. When I try to open them it says it cannot find the folder. Any suggestions? Thank you!! Bridget
  14. SunKissed

    Sit & slide form

    Hi Cathe! In disk 17, when you hold the DB in the front of the body and 1 leg slides out, my leg tends to want to go out on an angle. Should I keep it in a straight line in front of me or is it alright to let it angle out?
  15. SunKissed

    Why so much?

    I don't get. Why does it cost so much to ship a dvd? I would love to take advantage of the 30% off dvd of the week and replace all my vhs's, but I don't think it's much of a deal if your paying $10 for shipping. Doesn't make much sense. Why does it cost so much? I don't see a usps option.
  16. SunKissed


    What happened to the Cathe's twitter update on the home page?
  17. SunKissed

    Got through Speech!

    Yeah I got through my first speech! Thank you all for your help! I used all your suggestions, especially the tylenol one, I think the tylenol really helped. I have another one on tuesday. One per week. I don't think this class could be done soon enough! Its torture!!! Thanks again!!!
  18. SunKissed

    Help with public speaking

    Ok I just got back from my intro to communications class, and am terrified. I have a speech due thursday and am so scared i'll just shake and stutter or go blank. Any suggestions from some knowlegable and/or experienceded people?
  19. SunKissed

    Indo Row

    Just got back from the SCW Boston Mania and it was awesome! One of the classes I took was the indo row class. It was a great upper and lower body workout. Has anyone ever tried it or maybe has it at their gym? They said one could burn anywhere from 500-800 cal per hour.
  20. SunKissed

    fractured foot

    I just fractured my foot! (sniff,sniff) I turned fast to run and my foot rollled off the side of my sandle and I heard snapping. So, I'm on crutches and have to keep my foot up. I will take any suggestions regarding not GAINING WEIGHT! I'm so bummed! I don't want to get soft. Help! Bridget