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    customer service

    I sent an email to support at cathe dot com and it bounced back as undeliverable. Has the customer service email changed?
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    Which workout is this?

    When I was doing today's crossword puzzle I noticed that the photo was of Cathe, Brenda, Cedie and Lorraine, but no Jai. I know there was one series she missed but I thought there was someone else involved. Does anyone know which workout this pic is from? I don't suppose it could be from the...
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    STS Cards (pdf)

    Up to this point, I have always moved the STS Cards to Microsoft Word and enlarged them before printing them off. And even then I usually need my glasses to see them. I would like to use the pdf version since every other line is shaded. Right now I'm drawing my own lines to separate the...
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    Who produced the workouts?

    I'm sorry if this was mentioned and I missed it, but I was wondering who did the filming this time. Was it Greg? His website has been down for a while and some of us have been kind of concerned about him.
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    music for new dvds

    When you put up the clips from the RT, will you have one of the deejay playing the new music? I'm not sure I understand the way you're doing the music this time. :)
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    new micro-load gloves

    How do we know which size to pick when ordering the gloves? TIA
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    Discount for ordering tower

    Unless I somehow overlooked it, my confirmation email for ordering the tower did not have a discount to use during the month of May. Is that coming in a later email?
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    Meso 2 Week 4 chest

    I just did the Chest, Shoulders and Triceps workout for Meso 2 Week 4 and was very frustrated. My 1RM suggestions have been all over the place as far as accuracy for me. Sometimes I fail early, sometimes I can go heavier, sometimes they're right on. But I've always been able to increase my...
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    ab circuit stability ball segment

    Cathe, I'm having trouble with the stability ball ab circuit move everyone on the forum is referring to as the "ski" move. When you do the modified version, it looks as if you are taking your body to the side, similiar to the "C" move done prior. But when you do the advanced version it looks...
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    workout cards have tiny print

    Forgive me if this has been addressed, but is there any way to make the print on the workout cards larger? I know I'm getting kind of old, but that's some pretty tiny print! TIA