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  1. rhymeswithlevi

    Restarting everything at 51

    Hello, everybody! My screen name is Levi and I’m a long-ago Cathe fan and an long-ago frequent participant in the forums. I was a faithful, kick-butt worker-outer, 6 workouts a week, at least 60-70 minutes every day. At one point, I even completed the original P90X series! I quit the forums...
  2. rhymeswithlevi

    Was it your thyroid or was it wishful thinking

    My dog is getting old. The vet tested her thyroid and found it on the hypothyroid side, but still within normal limits. Vet gave dog small dose thyroid med because research was showing sometimes old dogs do better with a bit of thyroid boost, even the ones on the low side of normal. I said...
  3. rhymeswithlevi

    New workout shoes

    Hello, everyone - I haven't posted here regularly in about four years. I haven't purchased new workout shoes in about 5 or 6 years and in fact have not exercised regularly since about 2011. I'm making tentative steps (literally) towards returning to exercise and I am in need of a new pair of...
  4. rhymeswithlevi

    No tower, no pull up bar

    I posted on the Open Discussion, but I think my question might be more appropriate here: I have the STS Total Body DVD (Phase 4). I don't have the Turbo Tower or a pull up bar. Getting the pull up bar is a bit out of the budget and I read the TTs are unavailable. What could I use...
  5. rhymeswithlevi

    No Tower, no pull up bar

    Hello, Cathletes, I used to post here under a different user-name (eminenz2) but I have been off the boards for ages and ages. I have the STS Total Body DVD (Stage 4). I have neither a Turbo Tower nor do I have a pull-up bar. I have no intention of purchasing any additional workout...