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    Cathe Live Not Working?

    I tried to do today's Cathe Live workout at 9:30am with Cathe but I could not get it to load on any of my devices (iPad, phone, laptop, desktop). I even tried different browsers.
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    No Casting Button to Airplay Cathe Live

    Hi SNM--Today there was no casting button on my iphone and ipad to airplay Cathe Live. The button (icon) used to be there The iphone and ipad are on the same network as my apple tv. I have performed any updates on my ipad or iphone so that does not seem to be the issue. Please help. Thanks.
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    Cathe Live Schedule

    Hi Cathe or SNM Is it possible for you to post a monthly Cathe Live schedule? I like to work out with you on Thursday mornings but it would be extremely helpful if I knew what you would be doing before Wednesday. It would greatly facilitate the planning of my weekly workouts and prevent my...