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    Equipment used in ICE

    hi Cathe I am super excited about the new series!!! I was just wondering if you could tell us the equipment we will be using in the new series. Thank-you
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    Minimum floor space required to do workouts

    I'm thinking of purchasing some flooring from Gerstung. My question is: what is the minimum aerobic flooring you recommend in order to do your aerobic workouts (such as Drill Max or 4DaySplit Bootcamp) comfortably. I thought this subject was discussed awhile ago, but when I did a search I...
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    Hiit (High Intensity Interval training) 2

    Okay, maybe it's to soon to ask for more Hiit workouts. But I love those 30 minute workouts and I've noticed huge aerobic gains since I've started doing them. So I would LOVE more!! I like how they are finished in 30 minutes. Fast and too the point. I would love more like these.
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    "Leg Burners" (floorwork only)

    How about a set of workouts in the "ab Circuits" format, but for "floorwork only" Legs and butt. eg. one routine could use the stability ball, one routine could use hand held weights, one could use the band and ball together and one could use ankle weights and the high step, and finally one...
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    Low Max 2

    I would love to see another workout similar to Low Max. I also love your Low Impact Step. I've been using them alot lately and would love more of the same. I find the leg drills in Low Max to not only get the heartrate up, but they are also great for the lower body. Also I love the music in...
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    Lower body all floor exercises only

    I would love a workout that does all the lower body work lying down or sitting or using the chair (barbell) for support. I often do just the floorwork from Legs and glutes, gymstyle legs, PLB. I also plan to use some of the floorwork from Meso 1 to make my own combinations from all the above...
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    Thank-you for the wonderful October Rotation!

    Hi Cathe:-) I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your October rotation. Thanks so much for taking the time to make it. I love the fact that you've incorporated several half hour runs throughout the month. That's the exact amount of time I usually like to run!:7 I'm feeling...
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    Gym Styles 2

    I am absolutely loving the new Hardcore Gymstyles. I am getting fabulous results from them. I would love to see more serious weight lifting workouts along the lines of Gymstyles, pure strength and slow and heavy. Cathe is the only one that can motivate me enough to push myself. Helen
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    Dynaband and ball workout upper body workout

    I would love to have a workout that utilizes the stability ball, weights and a band. Right now I use my ball a lot in supersets and push/pull and the bands when I do Hardcore workouts. I would really love to have a workout that combines both new challenges. Helen:-)
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    Hi Cathe and SNM. I was just wondering if we will be able to purchase the dynabands, used in the Hardcore series, through your website store. Thank-you, Helen
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    Premixes in the BodyBlast Series

    I know there has been a lot of talk about the use of premixes lately. I just wanted to say that recently I find myself using the premixes in the BodyBlast series more and more. I really think they are amazing. On Friday, I did the Supersets lower body premix. Today is Sunday and I am still...
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    I have a new favorite workout!!

    Cathe I did "high step training" yesterday. I LOVED it!! I love doing the cardio on the high step! The combinations were fun and tough! This workout really makes me appreciate the high step. My whole body (especially my abs) felt and looked more toned after this one! I will definately be...
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    February's Rotation "homemade workouts"

    I really LOVE the homemade workouts in Cathe's February rotation. I would love workouts like this to be made on DVD so that we don't have to stop listening to Cathe and the great music while we do our weight work. On the "homemade" workout Cathe suggests that we do about 3 intervals from Imax...