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    What have I done wrong on the forum here??

    Geez what have I done here on this forum? When I pull up the message boards the dates on the post are all whacked out. Like post dated back years and years ago mixed all in with post from this years. I've tried changing some settings but it's not correcting the problem at all. I must have...
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    Help me create a Lean Out The Upper Body Rotation

    I need help with a rotation to lean out my upper body. I have a thick upper body but probably couldn't bulk up my lower body if I wanted to. I want to do weights, cardio, don't have any problems doing Yoga or Pilates at all too. I'm like a pear in reverse I guess you could say. I do...
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    Cathe help me lean out my upper body

    Cathe I have a siutation on my hands I'm told is more common in men than women but that about 15% of women fall into. I am like a reverse pear so to speak. My arms are thick, my chest is big and I am thick in the stomach waist area. My legs and hips are not the issue. My thighs...
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    New Intensity Videos on in my Sunroom now

    I just checked and my new Intensity Series was delivered to my house in my sunroom right around noon today. I'm here at work and don't get off until 6 pm. WAAAAAAAAAAA! Edith
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    Intensity Series on the UPS truck in my city today for delivery

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! I am sooo jazzed! I just can't wait to get off work and get home today to them!!! Edith
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    New Intensity's and Lower Body Solution

    I am getting the book by Laura Dayton Lower Body Solution. I'd always wanted to give it try. Could people that know about this method help me with how one could work it in with the new series and other Cathe's as well. Edith
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    WHOO-WHO My new Intensity vids will be delivered tomorrow

    I am sooooo darn excited about this. OH MY GOSH. What do I do first I'm so jazzed here I can't think straight? LOL. I am gonna be in on the action now! I was watching t.v. last night and an ad for Bowflex came on. I said right out loud "I don't need that my new Cathe's are coming"...
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    went bonkers & ordered Intensity Series on my VISA

    I've gone off the spool and busted out my credit card that I never ever use and ordered the new Intensity Series on VHS. I just had to. Everyone was going on and on about them and I wanted to get in on the action. It's official now I have everything of Cathe's LOL, or at least I will when...
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    Donna Clark Please post your story here

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    Step N Motion I

    Just curious anyone ever do this one? I know with the new series just coming out that is all the rage of course. However, b4 the new stuff did anyone ever pull this one out and have a go at it? Edith
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    I did Power Hour I did Power Hour I did it

    I have finally broken my weight training stall, block, vacation whatever I wanna call it. Went shopping with the daughter this weekend and saw a nice easy curl bar on sale. I said "what the heck" brought it home did Power Hour and it felt sooooo good. Guess I just needed a new toy to...
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    Could you give up cardio?

    I have really been a slacker on weights lately, like last six months :-(. So, since I have the Body RX book and used to lift a lot I thought I'd check out some message boards where they lift a lot to inspire me again. In doing so I read quite a bit of info (once again) about not doing any...
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    A Scary Thought About Oprah

    I was just thinking if Cathe and Donna C GettingFitAt38 were to be on Oprah, boy oh boy would this forum be BOMBARDED and I think SNM would have to work a lotta overtime gettin those orders filled! A good thing, but a overwhelming thing too. ;-) Edith Big Girls Can TOO
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    ? about doing weights two days in a row

    Cathe: I'm still pretty curious about what you'd advise me on as to doing the new video's Cardio & Weights and Muscle Endurance on consecutitve days and Pyramid Upper and Boot Camp on back to back days. I know you of all people know very well how to design a workout rotation perfectly...
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    YIPEEEEEE I'm in Cathe heaven

    I got 5 new Cathe's yesterday. Ab Hits, Step Max, Step Jam, Step Fit, Power Max. OMG I've previewed all but the Ab Hits and I love them!!! The music and routines are sooooo good. I can't wait to do Step Jam today!!!!!! :-jumpy Edith
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    Cathe was a gymnast?

    I learned on a VF thread this weekend that evidently Cathe used to be a gymnast!!! I had no idea. Cathe or anyone what's the scoop on this. I find it very interesting. My daughter who is 22 now was a gymnast and now she's a runner and I'm proud to say a VIDIOT also and she looks...
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    ? on total body weght training for Fitness RN

    HELLO! Would MIS and Power Hour be the best two Cathe's to get started on total body weights with. I have both of those tapes and I have Upper Body CTX and PS Legs too. I have been slacking bad on weights for a while now and just read your advise on another thread. Would love to hear...
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    Is it REALLY 75% DIET and 25% exercise??

    I know I've read this over and over on this forum and VF and other forums like Runners World but alas I so want it to be the other way around :-rollen I love to workout a lot especially cardio and I know clean diet is good but golly does it have to count soooooooo much??? WHY?
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    GettingFitAt38 Your story

    Hey Donna: Every single time I read tidbits of your story on here I"m soooo inspired. I have plenty to lose myself and your kinda my role model with the Cathe workouts. I know there are others that have more than a hair to lose and that they would probably like to see some tips or a summary...
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    Anyone now or ever done step every other day on a regular basis

    I've polled and decided it's not a good idea to do step every day or two days in a row end of story. Now I am trying to find out if anyone does step every other day or has on a ongoing basis. Did you have any overuse injuries from this. I am also including I-Max and other interval videos...