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    Cathe...can I do step workouts without the step??

    Get the matt. I got one and LOVE the thing. I do all my Cathe's on it now and it's the BOMB Edith
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    Too much time working out?

    ninety minutes a day is not too much in my eyes. I think we all need a day off every week but other than that as a person becomes more advanced in workouts it can be a touch hard to get cardio/weights/yoga/abs all in enuff times a week in less time than that. just my two cents. ;- Edith
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    HELP! I Don't Want To Gain My Weight Back!

    Best website, books, program forums, etc... for eating issues I've ever found and worked with in my life is Been using this since 98 and have lost a lot of weight and gained so much more in health and emotional stability. Hope this helps. :+ Edith
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    Do I need these videos?

    Get them. Can't go wrong with Cathe. Edith
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    Are you kidding me?

    RE: Ha will adapt to it... LOL I remember doing that tape the first time. You do wonder how on earth anyone can manage it!!! Hey listen, the day will come when that will be no problems for you. Keep at it, do not give up, it happens. Cathe is tuff }( Edith
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    Slimming Upper Body

    Thought I'd bump this back up as I also have asked this and am interested in knowing Cathe's expert advise. :+
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    What is in the package that will be available at Target?

    Heck, I'm gettin that!! I need a new stability ball anyways and I love purple, and I can use the DVD's for light days and I know my daughter will use them on light days too. Love Edith :+
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    Drill Max Participants

    Yeah, get those two hunks back from Cardio Kicks!!!! WOOOO-WHOOOOO Loved um Edith :P
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    Any other Cathe-ites NOT weight train?

    I do very little weights, just biceps and some triceps with a 15 lb barbell 2 times a week is about it. I'm a Yoga junkie and get all my other strength training needs met there for sure. Actually triceps get a lotta work in Yoga but biceps don't so that's why I do biceps even if I skip the...
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    I am pretty sad today...

    If you guys like PF Changs & Outback steakhouse and have them near you they both have special Gluten free menus. Awesome foods. AND, I wanted to reinforce to the poster who felt they had a fmaily member outgrow Celiac's that one does NOT outgrow Celiac's. Could be extremely dangerous to...
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    Antidepressants: These drugs are a JOKE!! (ok, rant too)

    this program has helped me a LOT so I thought I'd give you a link to it. Love Edith
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    I am pretty sad today...

    It's all gonna be FINE, trust me. I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease when I was 17. There are many great breads made from rice flours and nut flours and so many great foods you can get at Health Food Stores and from many websites for your daughter. If I can help let me know...
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    A-Jock's Blast From The Past Rotation

    AWESOME, just saw this and love it. Edith
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    Step Jam, Step Heat, Step Max??

    I have all three, and do them still. My daughter and I do step together and we'll do one of these about once every two weeks or so actually. We're step junkies and love Cathe. I think you should try it for yourself too. Edith
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    I need a good cardio, non-step, non-kickboxing workout

    RE: What about jump roping? Maximum Instensity Cardio the hi/lo section. 30 minutes of good old fashioned hard core non step/non kickbox cardio!!! I love it. Still do it about once a month! Kicks my A$$ too. }( }( Get it, do it, you won't be sorry, it's a beta endorphin kicker too...
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    Need Ab Hits info please!

    I'm with A-Jock get AbHits it's a must for the Catheite Edith
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    Long and lean vs. bulky

    I too wanna hear Cathe's reply on this. Edith :+
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    Has anybody overcome compulsive or emotional eating? great forums over there, great advise, wonderful program, love the books !!! It's worked for me and may for someone else too. Check it out. Love Edith :+
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    Core Max - More Pics

    My DD and myself have been talking about needing some new ab work and what can I say, here it is!!!!!!! Wow, looks awesome. Edith }(
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    I am tired of feeling like I weigh 2 tons, need help!!!!

    I'd suggest the Wedding Video also. Awesome step and weight workout. Great place to start. Love Edith :9