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  1. cstrain

    leg day and "bonus" exercises

    Do all of the leg workouts have the bonus stuff at the end? It wasn't marked in the book or on my workout card. I would just like to know for future workouts :)
  2. cstrain

    can I delete from the calendar?

    I added an STS rotation but I picked the wrong one and the wrong start week. So I added the right one but now it has them both on there. Is there a way to delete a workout other than checking it complete?
  3. cstrain

    Starting STS - 1RM testing question

    How long should it take me to get through the 1RM testing? I started today and over 60 minutes didn't even get through the first 3 discs worth. I was alternating muscle groups to give as much rest in between as possible. Should I try and get through as many of the 5* 1RM exercises as possible...