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    Only three weeks to go!

    I can't believe the road trip is three weeks away! I am so excited to meet Cathe and all of you! I hate to wish away July (our Canadian summers are too short!) but I am so pumped for the road trip. Woo hoo! Kelly G
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    Recovery advice

    Hi there! I have been stuck at home with bronchitis for a week. I am an avid Cathe exerciser who doesn't usually miss a day of work (I am a preschool teacher) or exercise! I have 3 kids of my own and I am always go-go-go! So when I got sick with a fever and slept most of last weekend away I...
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    So excited!

    This summer will be my very first road trip. I am beyond excited! I know it's months away but some days I just can't believe I'm going! Anyone else going for the first time? Kelly
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    Hi Cathe, I just finished Pedal Power Extreme for the 5th or 6th time (I've lost track!) and I HAVE to tell you how much I LOVE the Bonus in the cool down! Just when I think I can't do anything else, there you are pushing me to do a bit more. That is one of the reasons (there are so many!)...
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    100 Rep Challenges - Fun, Functional AND Educational!

    Hi Cathe! I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying the new XTrain series. You have once again outdone yourself! I look forward to doing all the new fun and fresh workouts every day! I am loving the 100 Rep Challenges! My 6 year old daughter Katie is learning to count to 100...
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    Happy Thanksgiving Canadian Cathletes!!!

    Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving weekend! Lots of turkey and goodies and family time! Here just north of Toronto it was a bit chilly this weekend but the leaves were so gorgeous! Lots of reds and orange and yellow leaves - so pretty this time of year! Of course I had to include lots...
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    First day of school blues

    Well, the kids are off to school today and I am feeling blue! My youngest daughter started grade 1, which means all 3 of my kids are now in school full time. I have been a stay at home mom for 11 years and I have loved it. Suddenly there is no one here and I am feeling sad. Don't get me...
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY CATHE!!! (on the 20th)

    Hi Cathe! I am going on vacation to our summer cottage up north of Toronto today and won't have access to a computer or the internet, so I wanted to make sure I wished you a very Happy Birthday (July 20th) before I left! You have given me another year of fitness, health and fun! You are...
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    CrossFire - WOW!

    I was just over on facebook and saw that Cathe had posted a clip from CrossFire! All I can say is WOW! I can't wait to try it!!!!!!! Kelly:D
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    I just had to share......

    Hi Cathe! I know you are incredibly busy with the new workout DVD's but I had to share this with you (and all the other moms out there!) After dinner this evening I went out for a bike ride with my 3 kids. We rode around the neighbourhood for awhile and then ended up on a fairly hilly...
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    What do I do now?

    Hi Cathe, I am doing your STS 3 month rotation, and I just finished Meso 2 disc 18. So I am right in the thick of it! I am loving EVERY minute of it! Unfortunately yesterday I twisted the tip of my middle finger (while running of all things - I was scratching an itch on my leg!) and tore...
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    Happy Family Day!

    Hi Cathe! Here in Ontario, Canada we are celebrating "Family Day", a holiday to be home with family enjoying some quality time together. It was nice to have my hubby home from work and my 3 kids home from school today! Of course I made sure I did one of your workouts, because to be honest...
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    REAL Cathe moves

    Hi Cathe, I know you are busy today with all the Cyber Monday questions, but I wanted to share a cute story with you! My youngest daughter Katie (5 years old) loves to be with me when I work out to your DVDs in the basement. Sometimes she plays alongside me (using the slide and glide discs...
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    Excited excited excited!

    Hi Cathe, I just received my LIS and discs today up here near Toronto, Canada, and just finished doing Afterburn! What a GREAT workout! So much fun and the music is awesome! I have been looking SO forward to these workouts and now they are finally here! I can't wait to try the others. My...
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    Is Cathe really real?

    Hi Cathe, While I was checking the forum to see if you had replied to my earlier post my four year old daughter Katie asked me what I was doing. When I told her I was writing a message to Cathe her eyes widened and she asked "Is Cathe really real?" I guess she is so used to seeing you on my...
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    Road Trip to Canada

    Hi Cathe, I was wondering if you would ever consider coming to Canada for a RT? I live near Toronto, Ontario and would love to see you here! Kelly
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    Am I doing this right?

    Hi Cathe, I am a huge follower of yours up here in Toronto, Canada. I am not on facebook yet and I just figured out how to register for this forum (I think?!) Is this how I can communicate with you? Thank you!:) Kelly