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  1. J

    Help with dvd choices

    Can anyone suggest a DVd rotation for me that will follow these guidelines? I'd like to only work out 45 min a day, 5 day a week. Something similar to the following...2 days cardio only. And 3 days weights for approx 25 min and cardio for 20. For the weight portion, I'm looking to keep my heart...
  2. J

    Are you a nurse?

    So is anyone a nurse? I'm 30 years old and don't have a college degree. For the last 6 years, I've been planning on going back to school to better myself. I'm not exaclty satisfied with my jobs and I really want to do something that I'm gonna love. I don't want to dread getting out of bed...
  3. J

    What about my arms?

    I thought I started this thread the other day but I can't find it. So I must have typed the whole thing and never submitted it. Weird. Anyway, I'm having an issue with weight loss in my arms. If I wouldn't be keeping track of my own measurements, then I wouldn't believe this myself. But...
  4. J

    What about my arms?

    You may find this very had to believe, but if I wouldn't have been recording my own measurements self, I wouldn't have believed it either. I'm still losing my baby weight. I'm 8 mo pp and have lost 40 lbs. 15 more to go. I've been recording my measurements, that way I can see my results...
  5. J

    tweeking my diet

    My weight loss has been pretty slow for the last 2 months. I can't fit anymore excersise into my schedule. 4-5 days a week for approx 60 min is all I can manage so I'm wondering if I tweek my diet some, if it will make a difference. I try to eat clean, but I'm not 100%. I don't eat clean at...
  6. J

    Protein shake breakfast?

    I'm trying to tweak my diet a little because my weight loss is going very slow even though I'm execising 4-5 days a week. I have a 7 month old baby, work full time and go to school part time so my time is very limited to spend extensive hours working out. I eat clean now, but I'm wondering if...
  7. J

    Looking for the best shoes

    Ok. You're not going to believe this but I've been wearing the same workout sneakers for 4 years now. They are totally broken down and my feet hurt so bad when I do my cardio workouts (not enough support, I suspect). Since I do a lot of Cathe's step workouts, I originally invested in cross...
  8. J

    What's best for my legs

    Hi All! Still plugging away at the baby weight and I managed to put on a lot of weight in my inner thighs. They are "cottage cheese" looking and I hate wearing shorts. I've lost 36 lbs so far and have another 15 lbs to go. So far Even with that weight loss, I've only lost 1/4" on my inner...
  9. J

    Why is it so hard for me to lose?

    I guess I just need some suggestions/encouragement. I delivered my daughter, Emma, on Jan 6 2009, via emergency c-section due to many complications. I kind of let myself go during my pregnancy and didn't excercise much and didn't eat healthy. I gained 55 lbs. Ilost 20 lbs the first week...
  10. J

    Cathe Nation Nutrition

    Ok, am I missing something. I used to login into Cathe Nation and there was a link for Nutrition. I purchased the Silver Membership for 3 months and I cannot find the link anymore! Help! I've searched all over the website and would like to get my $$ worth.
  11. J

    C-section recovery & more

    Hi everyone. I wrote a forum back in Dec about getting back in shape after the birth of my baby. I think I have to throw out all the great advice I was given and start from scratch again. I gave birth to Emma Lydia on 1-6-09. Unfortunately, she ended up being taken via emergency c-section...
  12. J

    4 Day Split (Cardio lenght)

    I was interested in buying the 4 Day Split DVD's. Some of the reviews I read said that the cardio portions were short. I was just wondering how short? Because as much as I love to lift weights, my body really thrives on the high intensity cardio workouts. Are we talking only 30 mins? Can...
  13. J

    Back to the Basics after having a baby?

    I'm 38 wks pregnant and I just can't wait to begin my Cathe DVD's again! Only due to a lot of back pain beginning at 5 months, I quite working out. Not even walking! I have to be so out of shape and I think jumping back into my DVD's is going to be very difficult. Does anyone have any...