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    Five day a week workout.

    Hello! I remember a few years ago that Cathe posted a workout rotation that was five days a week. I cannot seem to find it. Can anyone help me out? My work schedule prevents me from working out six days a week.
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    Personal Trainer Certification

    Hello Cathe! I know that you are certified through ACE. I am attending my local community college and will be getting my Exercise Leader certificate later this month. I am planning on getting certified in January as a Personal Trainer and am trying to decide which agency to get certified...
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    Workout for 5 days a week

    Hey Cathe! I love the new series. It has become one of my favorites. I want to do the RWH and Xtrain (+Cross fire and To The Max) rotation, but I can only fit in workouts five days a week. Which workout would you suggest I not do every week? Maybe I should replace two of the workouts for...
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    Univeral Studios Meal Plans

    Hello! My family and I are going to Universal Studios and Islands Of Adventure next week. Does anyone know if the meal plan is worth if?
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    I love bread but know I should not be eating white bread. I have tried Ezekiel bread and don't like it very much. Does anyone know of a healthy no white flour bread I can eat? I also have a bread making machine and would not mind making it either.
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    Becoming a Personal Trainer

    Cathe, I am thinking about getting certified as an ACE Personal Trainer. My question is, would it make more sense from a income standpoint to get certified as a Group Instructor first?
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    I am nervous

    Hello Everyone! This will be my first roadtrip. Actually, this will be the first time I have ever traveled out of town by myself. I am nervous. I don't know what to expect. First off, I am a shy and quiet person and it does not help that I do not hear very well. So if I keep saying...
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    Please, Please don't drink and drive

    My beautiful niece, Michelle, lost her husband of 7 months last night. Phillip was hit by a drunk driver almost 3 weeks ago. Phillip was 26 years old....... He was an awesome musician. He wrote both music and lyrics. He was an wonderful addition to our family. But most of all he was...
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    First 5k

    Hey Cathe, I am running in my first 5k on saturday. I will probably be the slowest one, but I don't care. This first one is about finishing the race. What should I eat before the race? I usually start working out within 15 minutes to 1/2 hour of waking up. I usually drink a glass of water...
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    Quick breakfast meals

    Hello Everyone! I am going to have to start being at work 6am a few more mornings a week. I need suggestions on a quick healthy breakfast. I am tired of oatmeal. It could be something made ahead and then heated up in the morning. Any suggestions?
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    Just Completed 6 1/2 month rotation!!!!!!!

    Yeah! I did it. This morning I completed a 6 1/2 STS rotation. I do have to admit though, during the time my foot was broken, I mostly did floor work for lower body, and cardio was not done too much during this time But I am very pleased with my results. I am a lot stronger!!!!!!! I have...
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    Cardio after recovering from a broken foot

    Hey Cathe! I broke the third metatarsal bone in my foot in July. Stupid Flip Flops. The toe piece came out while I was walking and my foot turned under. I go to the doctor tomorrow and I am assuming she will give me the go ahead to ease back into cardio. What would you suggest? I do not...
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    I need help with party food

    Help!!! My daughter is having her 13th birthday party tomorrow night. It is a dance party with about 40 people expected. I am just having snack food, chips and dip, pop, fried chicken wings and little smokies. I think about 8 pounds of wings will work but I don't know how many little...
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    Hello! I am probably just missing it somehow, but I cannot find the link to get to my Cathespace. Where did it go? Denise
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    Pace Weights and HRM

    Hello! I just ordered Pace Weights. Are they going to mess up my Heart Rate Monitor? Denise
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    Hey Fitness Freak!!

    Dear Debbie, I see that you help other people to figure out thier calorie needs. Where do you get this information from? I neeed to figure out mine. I follow Weight Watchers and I do not believe that I eat enough to support the activity that I do. I work out 5-6 day a week and do a 3 day...
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    Where did the stats go on the new workout manager? Thanks, Denise
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    Cathe, I need help!!!

    Hello Cathe, I know you are very busy right now, but hopefully you can help me. Anyone else can chime in too. I will be have been married for 20 years this July. My husband wants to marry me again. We are going to try to have everyone from our original wedding play the same part in our...
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    New DVDS

    Hey Cathe! I am so excited about getting the new workouts next week. I can not wait. Thank you so much for getting me in the best shape of my life! You are GREAT!!!!!
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    SS upper body blast

    Hello, I am scheduled to do SS upper body blast on Wednesday. I cannot find a premix called that on the dvd. They are all numbered. Can anyone tell me which one it is? Does anyone know where I can go to get listings of exercises that are in any of cathe's premixes?(Does that make sense?)...