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    Scratching the Fitness Itch

    I've been suffering from a flare up of Crohn's Disease since August and just had a right hemicolectomy on Monday. So I'm out of commission as far as exercise goes, other than the typical walking the doctors make you do after surgery. As much pain as I'm in, I'm already missing exercise terribly...
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    Autoimmune Disease

    I've probably said ad nauseum that I've been dealing with Ulcerative Colitis (pan, I think) since I was seven-almost twelve years now. It's in remission for the most part. Like anyone who has this condition, however, I have good and bad days. The bad days can come with extraintestinal symptoms...
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    Road Trip Itinerary

    I know that there have been many updates as of late regarding the schedule, but I was wondering if any of the Road Trip coordinators could give an itinerary including when we're expected to check into the hotel, when we're supposed to eat, when the classes are, and around what time we're...
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    I've been using free weights for some time, and have tried heavy weights, but hurt my back. My brother has never lifted weights in his life until yesterday. He joined a nearby Rex Center, and used the weight room with his friends. When he came back, my mom asked him what he did. He said he used...
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    Cathe Wii Game

    I know that someone has already mentioned this. I had been mulling it over for some time, and it occurred to me how it would work. I think that it should include step. A Wii Step could be sold either with the game or separately from it. The game would function much like Dance Dance Revolution...
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    Modifiers for Back Problems

    I've stated in other threads that I have had a history of back problems since I started working out on a daily basis. I take measures now to keep it at bay (i.e extra stretching, using a heating pad after a workout, going to a chiropractor twice a month). STS seems like a wonderful series, and I...
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    STS Commentary

    I know that there was another thread on this, but I couldn't find it. Anyway, Cathe, my mother has been a fan of yours for a long time. She found your workouts by chance on the internet when she was googling advanced workouts. She had gotten her start with Kathy Smith, but she needed something a...
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    Cross Train Xpress 2

    I know it's not entirely original, but I love the series and I think that, especially in these economic times, few things are more called for. When people have less disposable income, sales for items such as fitness videos have less of a likelihood of increasing or keeping steady; you know this...
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    I tried to, but didn't get a spot in your Road Trip. How can I sign up for your classes? Any help would be much obliged. -Amanda.