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    Scratching the Fitness Itch

    I've been suffering from a flare up of Crohn's Disease since August and just had a right hemicolectomy on Monday. So I'm out of commission as far as exercise goes, other than the typical walking the doctors make you do after surgery. As much pain as I'm in, I'm already missing exercise terribly...
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    Can we burn DVDs?

    Thanks SNM. No conversion? No problem. My brother and I are going to work on this. He has an iPod Touch too, so if worse comes to worse, we can also use his. Perhaps anyone with a Shuffle can connect their computer to the TV? That sounded like a good idea.
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    Can we burn DVDs?

    I just told my brother about this. He and I are wondering the same thing. I have a Macbook and iPod Touch, so using a cable is no problem, but burning DVDs is easier and cheaper.
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    A misbehaving teen?

    My high school went from K-12. Everyone liked to tout it as a school where students are academically challenged, and where only excellence is bred. Behind the outdoor banner was a bunch of scenarios like what you're describing. (And I actually feel sorry for the headmaster, who liked to tout it...
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    Autoimmune Disease

    I've probably said ad nauseum that I've been dealing with Ulcerative Colitis (pan, I think) since I was seven-almost twelve years now. It's in remission for the most part. Like anyone who has this condition, however, I have good and bad days. The bad days can come with extraintestinal symptoms...
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    fractured foot

    I did the same thing last year, so my sympathies. Butts and Gutts? From my experience, not with a cast, even if it is soft. Just take it easy until your foot heals. Try to do as much upper body work as you can with light to moderate weights. That was what I was advised to do. Believe it or not...
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    Hi there. I remember a long time ago (Think back...) you did a thread about inflammatory...

    Hi there. I remember a long time ago (Think back...) you did a thread about inflammatory conditions, and how we don't pay enough attention to them. As someone who was diagnosed with one at seven, has been dealing with it on and off for eleven years, and will probably have to be on...
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    Wow...I'm very bad at checking this. Yes, it is.

    Wow...I'm very bad at checking this. Yes, it is.
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    Still doing push-ups on my knees!

    Last year I broke the bone in my right foot that supports you in a pushup position, so I'll probably always do them on my knees. It's just a modification I have to make. I'm able to keep up with Cathe otherwise, so I think that's what counts. Then again that's just my opinion.
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    Pure Strength - weights Cathe uses??

    I know for a fact that she gives some of her weights in Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps. I thought that she gave all of her weights, but I guess I was wrong. I'll have to watch or do it again and write down the weights she uses to see if what I have matches what you have.
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    What were some of your RT highlights?

    Mensch works fine. It's actually one of the better descriptions.
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    What were some of your RT highlights?

    Actually meeting other Catheites was fun, since I've, for the most part, only been able to to talk to my mother about Cathe. There were plenty of people I with whom I was more than impressed, particularly during the relay race. (Sorry, but I have to praise the guys. As my classmates would say...
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    Will there be webcast replays of the RT?!

    That would be cool. Try Youtube, I guess.
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    Pleasure meeting you during the Road Trip. Hope to see you next year.

    Pleasure meeting you during the Road Trip. Hope to see you next year.
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    Did everyone get home ok? Check-in!

    Our trip was about three hours. We had to sit on the Lincoln Tunnel, but were fine otherwise. I know Pinky was flying back. Hope she is getting home at a reasonable time.
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    Sorry I didn't check this earlier. Those are relatively light weights for a guy. I'm not sure what kind of form he was using, but I do know that he was using many machines. He was actually asking me questions about weight training, so I guess I should be flattered.
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    Road Trip Itinerary

    I know that there have been many updates as of late regarding the schedule, but I was wondering if any of the Road Trip coordinators could give an itinerary including when we're expected to check into the hotel, when we're supposed to eat, when the classes are, and around what time we're...
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    I've been using free weights for some time, and have tried heavy weights, but hurt my back. My brother has never lifted weights in his life until yesterday. He joined a nearby Rex Center, and used the weight room with his friends. When he came back, my mom asked him what he did. He said he used...
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    Cathe Wii Game

    I know that someone has already mentioned this. I had been mulling it over for some time, and it occurred to me how it would work. I think that it should include step. A Wii Step could be sold either with the game or separately from it. The game would function much like Dance Dance Revolution...
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    Any central new yorkers going?

    While I may not be in central New York, I am in New York. My mom's going to be driving. Then again, she's also afraid of planes. I think it's three hours for us.