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    Youngest and oldest Cathletes!

    I'm 55 and have known of Cathe since the early 90s; I did have her early Step N Motion VHS workouts. I was an instructor and went to a step seminar in North Kansas City to earn CEC's to maintain cerification. I learned how to teach step aerobics from Cathe! I have a booklet of combinations...
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    I'm 55 and have lost 70 pounds in the last year. I am post-menopausal and not on any HRT. What worked for me: Food- No sugar or processed carbs. Quality protein throughout the day. High fiber foods (I get in close to 35 grams/day) I only eat 1-2 starches/day. I focus on Veggies...
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    New Fitness by Cathe Product: Step Shox

    Thanks for posting! I ordered a pair and can't wait to try them...
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    Need strength training DVD buying advice please !

    Susan, I have the Troy Lite barbell and love it. I agree with Stacey...
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    Gain in muscle/loss of fat

    Good morning, Susan I really love Pyramid upper and lower. The only drawback to Pyramid Lower is that I have to pause a lot because I'm a bit slower changing the plates on my barbell than Cathe and crew are. Pyramid upper is my favorite upper body at the moment; it uses dumbells so the...
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    Gain in muscle/loss of fat

    Susan, I've enjoyed reading your posts on this forum. Hang in there, you are heading in the right direction! My doctor suggested I follow a meditteranean diet. I also get a lot of nutrition information from Cathe and her newsletter. As for the weights; I really push to lift the heaviest...
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    Any one else have this happen to them?!

    I can so relate. I've lost 60 pounds this year and have run into people I hadn't seen in a while and they always want to know what I'm doing. I learned after the first couple of times to just say, "I'm eating less and moving more" without going into detail. I figure if they're serious about...
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    Gain in muscle/loss of fat

    I just turned 55 this past summer and have lost 60 pounds (under my doctors close supervision as I was starting to have high BP). I didn't think I'd ever be able to do Cathe again; in fact, I developed quite the attitude thinking that her workouts were just too advanced or crazy for someone my...
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    Need advice on how to progress

    RE: Another Idea Just bumping this up as I'd like to see Cathe's response to this question. I took a while off and am now in week 4 of the "official" beginners rotation and was wondering the same thing. Thanks,
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    New to Cathe-what level am I?

    Hi Nancy...obviously not Cathe here... I would say any of the weight lifting vid's would be fine. Just start at a weight that is challenging for you. You might want to try some of the pre-mixes (if you buy DVD) first as these usually condense the workout. Check out the video clips here on the...
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    So my curiousity has been piqued - What is it that you do?

    RE: So my curiousity has been piqued - What is it that ... I work at a high school as a Para Educator. I work with learning disabled and behavior disabled kids. I love my job as it keeps me around young people all the time. Plus, love having a couple of weeks off at Xmas, spring break and...
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    I have a beautiful little (and she is small)2 yr old Boxer Girl named Gimli. I also have a fat old cat named Muggsie..who hates Gimli, who can't understand why ANYONE would hate her. I also have my son's 1 year old yellow lab mix Maverick for the next year while he is serving in Iraq...
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    Heart Rate Monitors - What's my target zone??

    Hi Joy, Which Polar model do you have? I have a Polar M61 which has a fitness test (actually measures resting heartrate while lying down) that figures into the range (probably similar to the Karvonan method..if I spelled that right). What I found out by wearing a hrm is that I was being a...
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    The Compendium has been emailed

    Hi Lunacat, I would love to have a copy also: [email protected] Thank you so much! Sharron
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    I love these shoes!!

    I don't remember who recommended Freddy shoes, but I took a chance and I love them!! However, I noticed that when I ordered them they were on closeout. Does anyone else carry them? If not I will probably order another pair for later on. I'll wait and see how my knees and feet feel tomorrow...