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    Low Max for Cathe Live?

    Hi Cathe! I've been a Cathe Live subscriber since the beginning and love it! I was wondering (hoping) that you would do a version of your Low Max for a Cathe Live episode. I absolutely love Low Max, but would love to see a little variation of one. Thanks! Laura :)
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    Fit Tower™ Pre-Sale Ends Today

    So today is the 28th and I was able to order the tower at the discounted price and 10% off. It said that it was backordered but no approximate date for delivery. There is no number to call to check into this.
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    STS on ebay

    If anyone is interested, here is listing for the complete set on ebay:
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    New to downloads

    Hi, I'm new to downloads and had only purchased DVD's in the past. I have been purchasing Cathe's DVD's for 10 years now and have always purchased in the pre-sale time frame. I'm starting to think I made a huge mistake purchasing downloads vice DVD's. I saved the videos to my One Drive as to...
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    Pre-Order Cathe's New Ice Series drive me crazy! In a good way of course :) I was seriously not going to buy whatever your next workout program was because I have so many of your dvd's and I love Cathe Live which alone is But then you throw this intermediate at us and it sounds so good! I love high...
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    Does anyone else have a fear of jumping on the step?

    I do it, but I too have a fear. A few times, because I'm clumsy, I've almost fell and/or tripped on the step doing the jumps. I feel I'm doing it properly but apparently I am not getting my feet high enough to clear the step half the time. When she uses three risers for jumps I go down to two...
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    Pure Strength, Pure Love

    On Cathe's FB page in the "about" section, it has a timeline of most of her major releases starting with Step in Motion in 1989. Pure Strength was released in 2001! It does have a 90's vibe to it so I was surprised when I saw 2001. Maybe it's just me but 2001 doesn't seem that long
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    How to watch on Roku?

    I was having huge issues airplaying to apple TV and gave up on it (spinning circle, cutting off when I hit pause, etc). Since I have a surface 2 I purchased the Microsoft adapter and it streams the high quality beautifully.
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    Bring back the Blue!

    Maybe I'm in the minority, but I love the new look. Especially on the message boards. It's a softer look and more modern/clean. Just me :)
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    Sept 4th live class

    Not on site? I'm trying to access today's class but I can't see it on any of my devices. The last class showing is the cycle class. I was hoping to do this one this evening...any suggestions?
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    Cathe Live suggestion

    I totally agree! Bless their hearts, I actually wish I was there with them! But I too noticed that the camera will stay on the class as Cathe is changing cues and it does trip me up. I did Lean and Mean legs the other day and there were a few times the camera did not stay on her when...
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    Leaving the PiYo planet for Cathe Universe

    Cathe has always been my go to workout instructor. I did buy Chalene's Turbo Jam and Turbo Fire years back and still enjoy pulling them out every now and then. I remember ChaLean Extreme came out around the same time Cathe's STS and I decided to by Chalene's instead...big mistake! I had it...
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    Video Clip of Upper Body Sculpting

    I did this one yesterday I have to say, I wish I could have been going to her classes all these years. She really pushes during these classes and I guess since they are live and time constrained they are harder then her Granted, since I don't actually watch them...
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    Apple TV Tutorial

    Phone calls Well, I learned something new while using the Apple TV airplay with my iPhone. When you are 3/4's through a workout and a phone call comes in...guess what? It disconnects your airplay even if you don't answer :( I had to go through the endless steps to find the video and then try...